Homey offline because of Hue App/ Bridge?

I have since several month the issue that Homey is offline at least once a night or several times a day. I have started to disable several apps to monitor cpu usage and memory and found now after disabling the Hue App, that Homey is stable since one day. Does anyone have a similar experience?

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Probably the ac adapter. Search this forum as this seems an issue that happens a lot. Try a different ac adapter with at least the same ampère as the original Homey ac adapter.

I also removed the Hue app and changed the AC-adapter. Homey is for now more stable .

And then we install the Hue app again to find out it was only the adapter?

In a couple of days I will.

No. Hue-Bridge with at this Time 45 Bulbs connected to Homey. Works.

Short feedback…, I tried another AC adapter, but without success. Homey is stable now, without the Hue App. I have a Hue Bridge with about 20 lamps and sensors. After activation of the Hue App, Homy is offline now again every 6 hours. I have now created a flow where I reset the App every 3 hours and hope this solves the homey offline problem.

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Have you looked at the memory and CPU usage of the app in Insights (you may need to enable the “Power User” experiment in the Homey mobile app)?

In any case, it might be worthwhile to inform Athom about your findings: https://support.athom.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Hi robert, I wrote Athom several support requests also with this solution. The insight shows a higher memory and cpu usage, you see also that when homey is offline the memory usage is going down. Can not upload the picture here…

Hi, short update… I reboot the hue app now every hour and since then homey is not offline any more. Think this could help also other users fighting with Homey offline :wink:

Short update on this issue… I installed the latest Hue Beta App (4.1.1) and Homey is stable now for more than 4 days without any reboot over night or reboot of the Hue App. Thanks to Athom for the fix and putting this monkey from the table :slight_smile:

I also had the same issue that Homey just went offline, or just died somehow. I got HUE installed with a gazillion bulbs and acc.

I never really did so much investigation but after reading this post i also notice that i have updated too 4.1.1 and its not been offline since then.

I’m having the same problem. But then with only 3 hue lamps . I need to replug the homey to get connected to my homey app . I didn’t try removing the hue app . It works before for years but the last 3 month I got connection problem using the app .I found it out since my flow for hue lamps didn’t work the rest ( klikaan klik uit ) works