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How to add devices that is not supported (yet)?

I’ve just bought the Athom Homey and I have added a few devices. I checked the support at apps.athom.com and found that “Everspring AD147 Dimmer Wall Plug” is supported.

I bought that one and the “Nexa AD147 Dimmer Wall Plug” which is physical 100% identical to the Everspring one. However it will not be detected by Homey.

  1. Can I add it in a custom way?

  2. How is Athom’s process of supporting more devices?


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  1. Did you try adding the Nexa AD 147 using the Everspring app choosing the corresponding device?
  2. Athom have a request page for this purpose: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScPKV_joWXvvtACKuOdvDILbAzipk8mer0H4ZfOpJEthg-ibA/viewform?fbzx=-6936295548842344000

Yes, I tried adding the device as a Everspring AD147 device, and it detected it, but eventually failed to add it with an error message. Tried it many times with same result. Ended up having to reset the Z-Wave network to factory default to be able to get rid of the half-way installed device.

Thanks for the request page. I’ve added the Nexa AD147-2 there now. However according to support they will not spend time on adding more devices before sometime after the Homey 2.0 release. I find that disappointing that they completely stop an important activity to be able to release a newer software version. It could have been a reduced activity or better yet, a separate team adding devices.

I’m new to Smarthome hubs so I don’t know if there is any better hubs out there. Animus seems like a better product, but with less device support as of today. Maybe Samsung’s SmartThings is a bigger and better choice?

  • Some people would prefer sable product
  • Others would prefer new features added, ie ability to back up your homey
  • There are people like yourself who want them to spend their time on creating new apps.

You can’t please everyone:

The beauty of Homey is , if not having support for your smart power plug is so frustrating, you can create an app yourself.

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I was hoping you didnt answer like this seemingly taking it personal. I was suggesting expanding your potential.

Why didnt you give the information on how to create the app you refer to? Can you do it?

Please stay objective and helpful. Your list of 3 arguments is worthless for your customer, only waste their time reading it and should be kept to yourself. Also as a software developer you actually can please people with those 3 things at once, but of course not with everything.

With best of luck with Homie. Have a great now moment.

Hi there MasterAeon.
Jamie is an end user, like yourself, and do not speak for Athom.

And so am I :slight_smile:


Worked perfectly for me to install the Nexa AD147 with the Everspring app.




On your Nexa AD147 plug, does it say “AD147-2 Dimmer Mini-Plug” or do you have the one without the “-2”?