Use of Nexa z-wave

Hi, im trying to connect to my Nexa AN179, but cant find support. I found out that Everspring was an alternative, but it wont install (have v2).

can anybody help?

if there isnt support in the nexa app, you could make a request

AN179 is supported as Everspring. I have a couple of them. Maybe you need to try a beta of Everspring?

I have a couple of AN179. Using Everspring App.
Works fine.
Running v0.2.6 Beta.

Thank you – ill try

Have you found a solution for this? Bought myself a NEXA AD-147 dimmer plugin today but can’t install Everspring. Is there any other app that would work with NEXA z-wave devices?

I have for long time been using the Everspring App to control a couple of Nexa AN179. Using Beta 0.2.6. Working fine.
One thing I have noticed the last couple of months.
When Homey is rebooted, the devices becomes unavailable (red exclamation mark). The solutions is to restart the app, and then they all work fine again.
But it is a bit annoying. Now, when I reboot manually, I always restart the Everspring app when Homey is up again, but when Homey is rebooting automaticly, like when upgraded to 4.0, 4.01, 4.1 and so, i notice it as the light is not working in flows. Manual reboot of app, and all fine, but a bit irritating.
So, anybody know if AN179 is supported in non beta version yet? Or do I have to live with this?

Hi, following up on same topic but for this Z-Wave NEXA ZV-9101. Any suggestion about how to connect this device?