Everspring/Nexa AN-179


I have 14 Nexa/Everspring AN-179 built-in receivers.
I have been looking for information if the Homey Pro 2023 can com
communicate with the AN-179. I found a beta version and wonder if anyone is using it with good results? Want to know that they work with Homey before I buy Athom homey Pro 2023.
All the best.

Everspring AN179 ( On/Off In-wall plug) [ BETA ]

In theory, yes


Sorry, beta version of what?

AN-179 works. I have some.

Only one issue. Toggle switch has to be set by raw paramers in advanced settings.

Thanks, :grinning: I will try to set up the parameters i advanced settings.

Thanks :grinning:

How to set up “Toggle switch”

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Thanks, I am not 100% sure how to do it, but I will try and learn something more. :pray::ok_hand:

mån, 20/11/2023 kl. 16:51 skrev Morgan via Homey Community Forum <notifications@athom.discoursemail.com>:

Hi Morgan,
No I have changed 2 of my 14 Nexa AN-179 to Homey from Animus heart and it works great.

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