Nexa AN-179 missing

May I ask why this modell (z-wave plus) doesnt show in the selection of devices beneath the Nexa product list in app?
I just purchased Homey and going for alltogether z-wave plus. Or is it meant I check what the machine support and then buy the gadget?

Homey was purchased becuse It said it supported z-wave plus protocols and Nexa brand. So why is AN-179 is not showing in list?

Also not working with the everspring app?

And otherwise you can always ask the devolper if they can add the device into the app

The device has been at the market for 3 years at least as I see referenses to it in news. And yes I discovered yesterday while reading that some are using everspring app. I will try it today. I dumpt windows and took in Apple because all the reding it required to make it work!
And homey was reviewed as a product for the apple lover. That is someone not interested in wasting life time going into forums to make something works which is happning here :slight_smile:

Edit: on a homey pro. Just noticed post on everspring not compatible yet with v2 and higher. Recommended install 2.6 beta on what? An osx machine? I sure dont have that choice in app. everspring AN179 is not installing, I am in Europe region. Any advice is welcomed,

After reading several threads on this issie. Just Ordered Fibaro HC2. I refuse to waste time on this piece. Cool light ring though. A very expensive lamp for my shelf😁

I’m using Homey v3 and AN-179 (Everspring app) without problem for years in Homey v1.5, v2 and v3.
Sorry it didn’t worked. I hope HC2 will work better for you!