[APP] Everspring, support for newer devices?

Everyone, I took a chance and got me a bunch of Everspring LED Floodlights wit PIR-detector, model EH403. They work perfectly fine standalone, but I cannot hook them up to Homey through Ralph Van Doorens app since they not are listed there. He has done some major work by adding a lot of other Everspring devices, but I guess these lamps are quite new. Homeys std Z-Wave inclusinon does not work either.

I’ll have to investigate (range should be ok), but has anyone else tried these lamps? I found an old thread in the forum archives, but no recent posts here on these particular products. So thank you for helping out :slight_smile:

Btw; is Mr. van Dooren still developing for Homey and accepting donations?

i would say try to contact him :wink:

@ralfvd :arrow_up: :arrow_up: :arrow_up: :arrow_up:

Thank you Roy, will do. Also, thank for the pro tip :wink:

If he is still active on the forum he wil be notify.

And for the pro tip :joy::joy::joy: as long the device isnt added into the app 99.99% it wont work :wink:

Hey, @ralfvd - the long-time contributors in the community looks to agree that you are the goto-guy if I hope to see support for the Everspring floodlight. Do you have the time to comment on this crucial question that haveinterest for billions and billions of people all over the world :grinning: ?

I would appreciate your thoughts on this! Thank you very much in beforehand.

Best Regards, Tomm

Hey all,

Sorry for the enourmous delay. I am starting a complete rewrite of the app, to comply with all Homey’s new guidelines. This will solve some issues, and pave the way for new devices to support.

I’ve added the EH403 on the list. But as it is a complete rewrite, this might take some time.
Please join in the official topic to discuss progress :wink: