Hi Guys,

Do we have an ETA on a new version of the LightwaveRF app with wider product support? This is widely used in the U.K. and one of the principal reasons I bought my Homie. Until this is available I can’t decommission my Vera Plus so I’m left in a hybrid world where nothing talks to everything.

Thanks, Siobhan.

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Best to contact the devolper off the app your talking about. I see 2 lightwaverf apps in the store

There’s an official Athom one that supports the remotes that control the devices, but not the devices themselves. That’s the one I’m hoping for progress on :slight_smile:

I open new topic and hope that some one from community will help us and adapt LightwaveRF APP to new 2.0 Homey firmware.

So I spent some time digging in to the code of the official app last night to see what may be required to get it working with other devices. I was specifically interested in how it decides if it’s a valid device or not given that the LightwaveRF devices don’t differentiate the signals between device types.

The good news is that the app doesn’t know what type of device it is. If you need to add a light switch you can just add a Dimmer Socket device, and put your switch into pairing mode and it will add it and control it just fine.

Use a dimmer socket for anything dimmable, and a switched socket for things that aren’t. You’ll get the wrong icon in Homey unfortunately but other than that it works fine.

I might add a pull request to the repo with the correct names and icons, but as for now my devices are all up and running.

Did you have a look at this app @Siobhan_B

Thanks @SamB but that app’s for the new Smart (or v2) devices. In have the original ones, and am more likely to move over to ZWave than spend more money on Lightwave I think.

Honestly you won’t find anything nicer than the lightwave stuff in the UK in terms of switches and sockets.