Lightwave - is wifi hub/link needed?

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Can any advise if I need to buy lightwave wifi link to connect lightwave products with homey?



For gen 1 lightwaverf products the theory is no, but the Lightwaverf app seems to be broken at the moment. Not sure if / when it will be fixed.

For gen 2 Lightwaverf products then definitely yes and currently the only way is via IFTTT.

Thanks Adrian

So I need to buy 2nd gen lightwave products and use ITTT to control them via homey? Did I understand it right. This souns overly complicate it as opposed to downloading an app to homey and control it. Unless I am missing something.



I believe gen 1 can also be controlled via IFTTT.

The Homey Lightwaverf app is produced by an independent community developer so no idea if he is still active. Maybe another dev will take it over if Andrew Wilde is not going to maintain it. That app will not be able to work with gen 2 Lightwaverf products as Lightwaverf have changed the frequency and protocol.

Gen 2 products can only work with the Lightwaverf gen 2 hub. Currently Lightwaverf are keeping the interface secret. So only Apple Homekit, Alexa, Google home and IFTTT can interface to it.

A dev is working on a Homekit app that can connect to Homekit compatible products. This is what I am currently pinning my hopes on as I have already gone down the gen 2 route (before getting homey).

I ordered the homey early decemver but I haven’t got it yet. This news is not encouraging. Can you recommend any other smart dimmer switch product that works with homey.



Using IFTTT is not too bad for now if you go down the Lightwaverf route. Homey’s IFTTT app is pretty simple to use so it just means there is a small delay. The main issue is you need a reliable internet connection for it to work.
I have a z-wave PIR controlling one of my Lightwaverf lights and the biggest delay is with the PIR reporting the detection.
I also turn lights on when homey detects someone coming home if a light sensor determines it is dark enough. Lights switch off / on depending on brightness, etc.
So having to use IFTTT is not really a barrier and I didn’t mean to sound negative about it but was just pointing out the situation.
I really like the Lightwaverf gen 2 dimmers and their range (distance from the hub) is great, much better than z-wave with homey.

There are many other options for lighting with z-wave, etc, if you have a neutral where the switch is but the options are more limited if no neutral is there.

Hi Adrian,

I really appreciate your response - very kind of you.

I have neutral but I am struggling to find other products. Are you able to recommend? I am after reasonably prices dimmers without needing a hub (in UK).

Thank you


As I only use Lightwaverf dimmer I can’t comment on others as I have no experience with them. Maybe someone else can comment.
In general look for zwave or zigbee version as Homey will connect to many of them.
If you find a model then check the homey app store to see if it is supported.
Maybe check out Aeotec, Quibino, Fibaro etc. But there are many more.

Maybe start another topic asking for suggestions for dimmer compatible with homey as people may ignore this one as it mention Lightwaverf specifically.

LightwaveRF plug-in has been broken for around two months now. Developer has passed the app over to athom as no longer has the time to maintain. Multiple emails to homey I’ve heard nothing back. Very frustrating. Customer service leaves a lot to be desired.
He hasn’t turned over the app to Athom as far as I can see?

Developer on github has advised he has emailed athom to pass it over and hasn’t heard back.

Has anyone heard anything from athom by email recently? Appreciate they’re busy with 2.0 but LightwaveRF is key functionality for me, half the switches in my house stopped working overnight. Two months is not good enough.

What’s more the developer replied and advised he had made no changes to the app so it must be something athom have changed.

Hear from them regularly, commenting on support-tickets. And of course it’s something Athom did, they changed the SDK a couple of years ago… last time the dev did something on the app was in september 2016.

Wish I’d read this before I bought my Homey as LightwaveRF integration was a key factor!

For people with LightwaveRf products, Athom just stated:

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