Pairing Lightwave MODEL L21

Hi is it possible to pair the new LightwaveRF MODEL L21

I can’t get it to work at all…

The gen 2 switches (Now call Smart dimmers) are not supported as Lightwaverf have not published any details on the new control method. The old range could connect directly but the new ones are on a different frequency and use a different protocol. Hopefully in the future lightwaverf will publish a public API to connect via the internet but until then all the automation controllers are in the same situation.
The only options are via IFTTT or possibly Homekit but neither are very robust.

Looks like you have the same problem as me. I predominately use Philips Hue for lighting and LightwaveRF for sockets and relays. The Hue stuff is fine but Lightwave a non starter that’s especially disappointing as the new smart range is much better than the original and really invaluable for mains switching

So my Homey now sits at the back of a cupboard and I rely on the two apps to provide the automation I want.

Anyone want a nice hardly used Homey?

Athom stated last Friday they will be providing a new Lightwave-RF app :

The new smart range of Lightwaverf was called generation 2. That will almost certainly not work with the Lightwaverf app even when Athom update it unless they change it radically.
The old one sends commands directly to devices on 433.92MHz. The smart range works on 868Mhz and uses encryption so will probably have to communicate with the hub in some way. Unfortunately LW have not made any API public.
So not looking hopefull unfortunately.

They have a hub but didn’t open the API to the hub? Then I think LightwaveRF would have to take care of an app for Homey, together with Athom (or perhaps a dev which they sponsor)? Direct communictions can be hard if it’s encrypted indeed… Don’t know if even Homey’s KaKu-app works with 868 already?

edit: no, KaKu only does 433:

Lightwaverf have been saying for over a year now that they will release an API when they can be sure it is secure. Many users keep asking them in various ways when it will be ready but they say the same same as Athom, “when it’s ready”.
The gen 2 hub is HomeKit compatible so that might be a way in.
I have put in a support request to Athom asking if they can investigate a partnership of some sort. So will just have to be patient and continue joining homey and Lightwaverf via IFTTT.

Thanks, ill dust off Homey as soon as I see the app - any idea when?

Can you control the device via a Alexa skill?

Yes, Alexa works really well and very quickly with them.
Do you think thatt might be a way in?

Perhaps, no promises.

I’ve been previously able to control devices connected to alexa, i’ve started an app for alexa devices and you can keep up to date on the progress here at the moment the focus has been on Homey controlling the weather/news/traffic/speech of alexa.

I’ve been thinking about adding smart devices to the public app but it would depend on demand and how much time I have available.

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I have just submitted an app for the Link Plus which works with the L21.


I am trying to add it to Homey, but the list below my refresh token says L21EU, does it mean it is not supported? It doesn’t find any dimmers anyway…

I guess it’s the EU bit that’s the problem. I think they must be the newest version.
Can you paste the content of that section into a reply here and I will add it in to the next version.
I currently have a beta version in the publish queue that uses the webhooks so I’m not sure how long it will take Athom to get this through.
If you’re happy to load it via the CLI then it should be available later today as I will add it when I get home if you have uploaded the data.

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here you go

I have now allowed for the EU in the productCode. I have added this to the master branch so you grab it and side load it using the CLI if you want to get going.

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Thanks, im not very technical so I wouldnt know how…
Will it take long you think?

I’m not sure. It’s in the hands of Athom to publish the current beta that’s in the queue and then I submit this version to them.
My previous submission took a few days but the current beta is taking a bit longer. Maybe the scrutinize it more because it’s using webhooks.

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ok, I can wait. I dont want to mess things up with doing the wrong thing. Thanks for the effort though!

No problem. I will post back when it is available.