LightwaveRF devices

Hi Guys,

My home automation is 70% LightwaveRF, hence I stayed on the Homey Firmware 1.x. I am considering to update but can’t afford to loose the LightwaveRF devices.
I don’t have a gateway and don`t wish to have one so the only option would be this app:

My question is: Can I pair regular (wall recessed) sockets and light switches with homey with this app WITHOUT using the remote control?

PS.: I know that wall recessed sockets are not in the list of supported products but it uses the very same protocol as the plug-in ones. What I don`t know how is the pairing process, do you pair the socket directly with homey or pair it with a remote and homey copies that code?

You can do either. The caveat is that because that app only supports plug in dimmers and sockets you have to pretend it’s one of those. If it’s a dimmer switch, add a dimmable socket, if it’s an on/off device (like a 3pin plug) add a standard socket. It works fine, but you’ll get the wrong icon in the Homey app.

You can also pair it with a remote and copy that, that’s useful if your LWRF device isn’t accessible and you have either a remote or a wireless switch to copy from.

Thank you. This is helpful.