Nexa AN 196 Z-wave double switch


I bought a Nexa AN 196 Z-wave switch which has two channels (Z-Wave AN-196 | NEXA). The Nexa app (Nexa App för Homey | Homey) has no support for Z-wave devices so I added this one as a generic Z-wave device in Homey. However, Homey is only adding one device which allows me to control channel 1, not channel 2.

Is there any way that a generic Z-wave device could add two devices so that I am able to control channel 2 of my Nexa AN 196?

Using Homey version 8.0.3.

Thanks for any help on this!

No, that isn’t possible, it will need an app (added support) to be able to do that.

You should ask for adding it into the Everspring app

It is an Everspring device rebranded by Nexa.

Thanks for your advice! Did not know that. A request for support is made. Hoping…

Hi! did you manage to set your nexa an196 in Homey?
Wondering the same …
Thanks :slight_smile:

I bought an AN196 a couple of days ago.

I was able to download the everspring app from github, added the new device, added support for 2 channels + flow elements to switch on, off and toggle.

I guess I should share this patch somewhere, not sure how “production ready” it is, but I have it working at least.

Great! Sounds so simple…

I am not very familiar with Github, but should you be able to make a Pull request with you modification and hopefully they will merge. But the Everspring app has not been touched for 2 years.