Nexa AD147 z-wave socket dimmer

This is not supported by Nexa app, but use Everspring instead!

Worked for me.

I have installed the Everspring “Homey app”. I can turn on/off light and use dimming. However, it’s few second delay. I can live with that.
However 2, it’s stop working after few time use. Get error message that acknowledge signal, and on/off and dimming stop working.

Don’t work. Doesn’t receive on/off or dimming signals. When manually change status, Homy get updates of status.

Works. Can send and receive status signals.
Can turn on and off, and dimming works.
Some delay on acc signal, but works.

I contacted Nexa support. They never heard about this issue. They recommended to replace device with a new device.
That’s helped. Looks as the radio receiver was kind of broken.