Is the Nexa dimmer reciever (400w) ZV-9101 compatible?

Hi!, looking to buy a Nexa dimmer reciever (400w) ZV-9101 for a z wave system, and im not sure if it is compatible. I chekced the list of compatibles on the nexa app (in homey app store) and i could find it (its a new product). Could the homey find it using another similar device? Or is it compatible, its just not updated?


Install this App:
I have and it works for me.


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I got this one included by adding as Robbsmart 3 wire dimmer. I can control it from the Homey and from the push button. However, it does not seem to report to Homey if I switch it on locally with the push button. Does this work for you?

The Nexa ZV-9101 dimmer is the same as Namron 4512710. I was added it by typing Namron in the search field.
Then select Namron 4512710. Works perfectly fine for me.