Christopher Charpentier - OT - Complains about Athom/Homey in [APP][Pro] Tuya Zigbee App

We have 3 of your Posts in this Topic [APP][Pro] Tuya Zigbee App Flagged as off-topic.

As others already mentioned:
This topic is for @johan_bendz to communicate about the App he made in his free time and published.

and he self says:

So from here in this topic we only allow on-topic questions and help regarding the Tuya Zigbee App and no discussions about how you would like Athom, the developer, or Tuya? and what You think THEY should…

Your posts / complaining and several responses from others will be moved to Off-Topic.

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Not more devs working for free… more work by Athom/Homey… They sell this box as compatible with many protocols and devices… THEY should make them work!!

Christopher Charpentier

Uuuh i don’t where you get this info from but the developer is stil actively maintaining this app, it is @johan_bendz and you can find the info of requesting a device on the first post of this page.

I certainly agree 100%:
we had no update of this ap for a month and lots of devices waiting to be included. A développer seemed to have made the work but Robert did not tell if he could include the work done and since that message nothing seems happening…
I certainly appreciate and value what Robert can do but he is only acting as a free developper on his own time and we cannot ask more as he is not a Athom employee… and he is working on so many apps… I even don’t understand how he can manage and so so much.
and once again I believe Athom/Homey should employ and PAY full time developers and not rely on good wiling individuals… we cannot pay for a commercial product like Homey and depend 100% on volunteers. That seem really crazy…

Christopher Charpentier

The app developer’s name is @johan_bendz

@Robert : yes of course !! I meant Johan B… but as a matter of fact you don’t see him posts any more and you are the only one “alive”… posting and helping everybody about these apps while Johan seems gone somewhere else… Hence my mistake and also more proof of what I was saying… :slight_smile:

Christopher Charpentier

Hi !

Do you have an idea of tuya zigbee ap update ?



Again, I’m not the app developer.

Yes I know ! I supposed the message was for the community and would get an answer (with luck!)

Have a nice day !

Certainly agree with Robert !! Zigbee is a great protocol and meshed network.
But despite 10+ requests to developper (Johan) and his “friends” … no answer , no update for more than 2 months. Dozens of requested devices in huge waiting list. The ap seems dead and not supported any more. No official support/ap from homey/athom who relies on free work… (shocking), A pity because zigbee is the base of all , certainly the future nbr1 protocol (with Matter) and Tuya the main supplier/source of numerous of innovative, growing list of affordable efficient devices.
I still wait because my house is not finished , just trying devices on a test network… but if nothing moves in the next 6 months we will have to sell the box on eBay !!

Regard to all !

Christopher Charpentier

Could you please go whine somewhere else (at the doorstep of Athom)?
Your repetitive negativity probably won’t be inspirational to de VOLUNTEER developer who has his OWN life and full RIGHTS to set his OWN priorities.

Thank you.


So? We are all paying customers and you are complaining to us. We don’t like that and it adds absolutely nothing to this community because this is all been said before. So you’re behavior is very annoying and thus are people allowed to complain about that. If you ignore that, it says more about your attitude then about all the other community members.

In short: Drop a complaint at Athom and please stop doing it here.


This is a thread about the TuYa Zigbee app. Create a new thread in Off Topic instead of polluting this one.


Deep sigh… How difficult is it? The device is called Homey. The company is called ATHOM.
And i agree to what @robertklep says, so this is the last reaction on my behalf.


This was definitely a question about the Tuya zigbee app and not polluting with an off topic.
And I got , nobody got, any answer…
3 month without any update or information and hundreds of devices and users waiting but unable to complain to Athom since it s a free app made for free.

Christopher Charpentier

Look at when the last update was, nbr of requests, some users trying to implement their drivers with no knowledge.
I don’t criticize Johan at all as he is just here to help for free and I thank him for that, But must we depend on this and his free time and good will ? No ! Homey must develop this ap!
I just hope many , hundred’s of users will agree with me : Homey is not a cheap box and is sold mainly on behalf of compatibility with many protocols… they pretend it s easy. But just read all posts about problems people have, users who have home assistant and Tuya cloud and so many tricks to get thru when the box should work alone and is sold and bought for that - not for geeks !! How can customers can accept that ? What is this ?
Homey even told me to write and push Tuya to develop the ap but Tuya just wait for Homey to do it (it is what they reply to us). I did twice for nothing. Tuya does not care , it is not their business either!!
Homey get our money and must be held responsible for working apps to manage devices (Tuya and others) .
Tuya is just the most prolific source and makes thousands of cheap devices that work perfectly inside their own box and ap,
homey users buy a lot of Tuya compatible devices… because they are zigbee, cheap , easy to find and offer lot of functionalities…
it should be priority nbr1 for homey to make AND maintain a working ap updated every day to accept new devices coming in.
And we should stop being too nice with a commercial company… homey is not a geek start up but a business with customers and it seems they have forgotten that point !!
Thanks to support this opinion. It will help you and others.
We build our home and if homey disappears tomorrow because of bad service and compatibility , what will you do? Start all over again??


Hi Christopher good :+1:t2: you’ve got a point there and I agree with you, Homey should develop and maintain the App’s they sell the Central unit to communicate with all types of device’s. If they make a lot of money selling their Central Homey controller they also should supply the software for it to make it work with the device’s. Best regards Peter.

Thanks !!!

It is nice that when you have an exotic device, you can make your own app to integrate it in to Homey.
But for other users it would be nice if Homey support a few product lines. And I suppose the apps labeled “Official” are supported by Athom.
So before buying a device, it is best to limit your self to devices and apps officially supported.
If Athom agrees with this idea, the might communicate this more clearly to customers, to prevent negative reviews and frustrated customers.

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FYI, I agree with you. But I like the open system though. So let’s not throw the child away with the bath water.