[APP][Pro] Tuya Zigbee App

Hi all, sorry for not being super active in the thread but I currently spend my free time working on the code/apps instead of handling ( more and more :crazy_face: ) requests. :sweat_smile:.

Very thankful for the support from all and the help with answering questions I get here on the forum and at github, you guys are the best! :smiley:

Updates are planned, and even some support for the cloud are under way. So keep tuned!


Hahaha… looks like I have been gone from the chat for too long :ghost:

I am the first one to agree on the app needing more ppl engaged. I am happily accepting any and all help, the repository are public and the code is open source so anyone can help adding support for devices.

But no worries @Pavel_Karzov, there are updates on it’s way and I work close to Athom and get great support when needed! Thanks for the concern though :slight_smile:

Thanks @robertklep for the shoutout ! :smiley:


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Hi all,

It’s been a while. I know you are all eagerly awaiting a new version of the software, hoping for support for an extensive list of new devices and features. I understand the frustration of not having support for a device that you have invested in.

That being said, I am closing in on a new Live version, hopefully to be released within a few weeks or so. I will start with a new Test version that addresses a bunch of issues with different devices, such as color and saturation issues after adding a new light device, some multi-socket devices triggering all sockets at once, and some multi-gang switches not responding or reporting as they should.

At the same time, a number of extra codes for already added devices will be added, as well as some new devices.

Once the Test version has been proven to work and bugs have been fixed, I will release the Live version and begin adding beta support for some more complicated devices in the Test version. If there are issues with a single device, I will remove it and release the Live version without it to avoid any further delay.

Oh, and thanks again for your support!

// Johan


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FYI, this has been added into v.0.2.16 by @johan_bendz based on Readme updates (didn’t check the rest - so list might be imcomplete) since v.0.2.12

Thank you @johan_bendz !

PIR Sensor
_TZ3040_bb6xaihh / TS0202
_TZ3040_6ygjfyll / TS0202

Door/Windows Sensor
_TZ3000_decxrtwa / TS0203

Smart Plug, with metering
_TZ3000_eyzb8yg3 / TS0121

Water Leak Sensor
_TZE200_qq9mpfhw / TS0601

Soil humidity sensor
_TZE200_myd45weu / TS0601
_TZE200_ga1maeof / TS0601

2 Gang Switch Module with metering
_TZ3000_zmy4lslw / TS0002

Switch Module
_TZ3000_odzoiovu / TS0003
_TZ3000_e98krvvk / TS0012

Wall Dimmer
_TZE200_3p5ydos3 / TS0601

Not included in readme …

Siren / temp / humidity sensor
_TZE200_d0yu2xgi / TS0601

Wall thermostat
_TZE200_aoclfnxz / TS0601

Radar sensor
_TZE200_ztc6ggyl / TS0601
_TZE201_ztc6ggyl / TS0601
_TZE202_ztc6ggyl / TS0601
_TZE203_ztc6ggyl / TS0601
_TZE204_ztc6ggyl / TS0601

Hey everyone, I think we an all agree that this thread has become very hard to manage both for the users requesting devices, ‘voting for devices’ and for @johan_bendz to maintain. (now 4000 posts)

Going forward we are going to be aggressively moderating this thread to ensure that the relevant information is easy to find by all.

This means, we will be deleting any requests for a new device as they should be managed via git. (as per the author post)

You will also see any posts for devices which have already been added also be 'cleaned up ’ (deleted).

We want to make this process as simple and easy as possible for the developer so we can all get our devices added (and updates about them) as quickly and easily as possible.

So if you want a device added head over to github, and create an issue - include the manufacturer ID and DeviceID with in the title as well as :

  • Brand:
  • ManufacturerName:
  • Product ID:
  • Device ID:
  • Profile ID:
  • Interview
  • Image
  • Product Name

If you want to ask the status of a device, head over to the github find the thread and ask it with in there.

Again, to be super clear, we will be deleting any posts which are either requests or asking about requests. Please use github to find the latest information on requests for new devices



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Yeah, I agree, but we did reset…while Github, when you take a look, require reset as well :wink:
So kind of… sad. True is that it’s too much for one developer yet, seem Johann, despite of doing tremendous job, is even not accepting PR in the Github… so feeling kind of “ambivalent”. So while we did a reset, I’m not sure Johan will get more time :wink:

It’s not disagreement or something, as it was required but not really solution. That’s what I meant. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hi @Sharkys. I DO handle PR’s :slight_smile:

Open PR’s are either new or have issues/ongoing discussion.

Regarding the thread I hope we can keep it to discussions rather than a long list of requests. Reason I choose to point to Github for request is that it’s no joy in having hundreds of requests of random quality posted again and again for what often turn out to be the same devices with a new manufacturerName. Having to browse through the thread to collect info that I have to add to github as issues (or a notepad on my desktop…) and then search for missing information, cross check with other requests and find images is time I could instead use to create icons, develop code and support you guys. :confused:


Hi all.

As of September 2023, I request that all device requests be directed to Github. The reason is straightforward: previously, when requests were made in this thread, I had to manually create an issue on Github, transfer the information, fill in any missing details, and then schedule the device to be added. Additionally, many requests were either duplicates or inquiries about the status of an existing request. On top of this, the thread became difficult to manage, and valuable information and interesting discussions were drowned out by inquiries about new devices or the status of old requests.

I hope that creating a Github account (which is free and straightforward) isn’t too much to ask. Doing so will significantly streamline my process for handling requests and follow-ups. I believe this approach will also encourage more individuals to contribute code.

Old requests made in this thread can be found here: https://community.homey.app/t/app-pro-tuya-zigbee-app-device-request-archive/. I will do my best to catch any requests not already on github.

You are all, and will always be, more than welcome to discuss the app, report problems, seek support, share ideas, and more in this thread. All I ask is that device requests be made on Github.


Maybe you can add a template on github, so it’s clear what someone needs to add


Thanks @johan_bendz for setting up Soil humidity sensor _TZE200_myd45weu / TS0601. Works great!

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Happy to hear my PR/Code works :smiley:

Templates added :slight_smile:

And if anyone was worried about ppl not heading over to Github to create request… the response has been amazingly impressive :smiley: A big thank you to everyone!

Some of the many new requests:


@johan_bendz I would like to contribute… Im currently doing some tests and reading the documentation I found regarding zigbee implementation, I would like to keep the same project structure and rules. If possible would also like to ask you some questions directly but not sure what’s the best way to reach out to you.
Currently Im implementing Smoke Detector HEIMAN and lcd TS0222 (“_TYZB01_ftdkanlj”, “_TYZB01_kvwjujy9”).

Hi there.
You can ask here, send me a DM, mail me or even fork my Tuya repository and ping me from your end.

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