Tuya has officially joined the “Talks With Homey” program

Hi all, just as a heads-up; as of today Tuya has officially joined the “Talks With Homey” program. Which is great news! They are currently working on API endpoints that would enable us to built an official integration without the need to dive into developer accounts. We are hoping to launch the official App later this year! Keep you posted! :raised_hands:

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Great news, thanks for your effort ànd the open communication here! Big thumbs up! :+1:t2::smiley:


That’s great news!

That’s really, really a great step ahead, thanks for the heads up, Doekse.

  • Is Tuya zigbee also part of this program, or is it initially focussed on Tuya Wifi?
  • Will it (finally) become available for Homey cloud users? It’s a cloud-2-cloud setup after all. Maybe Tuya zigbee as well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh, and there’s Tuya Ble as well :grimacing::wink:

To anwser the first question: Tuya Zigbee devices will of course be available through Tuya Zigbee hubs, the same goes for BLE devices. We are also looking into creating an official Tuya Zigbee App but with the vast amount of different devices it’s really hard for us to deliver top notch quality and ensure a good user experience.

And in regards to your second question; Yes, the official Tuya App wil be supported by both Homey Cloud and Homey Pro :wink: :+1:


Yes of course, but that’s a bit ‘cheating’, isn’t it :innocent:, and, zig & ble are local protocols, which we preferably use without the cloud, in case of a Homey Pro.

For Homey (cloud) it would be a nice (imho) solution, while a Tuya (W)LAN zigbee hub is quite cheap, and each and every Tuya zigbee device can be used, if supported by the Tuya cloud app that is.

But, also pls. do keep the Athom promotion in mind:
Homey is the last hub you’ll need :grimacing:
I’ve seen many posts of folks who were not amused, when they found out you’ll need additional hubs for certain types of devices.

But I really appreciate this big step forward for Athom & Homey :heart_eyes:


Time Athom either live up to their claims or drop them from the marketing.

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Can you please explain why would Athom create Tuya app while you announced Tuya enterred Talks with Homey, so there will be official app? There already is an existing app too.

With Homey, “official” doesn’t mean “created by the brand”.

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The current Tuya cloud apps requires people to create a developer account and copy all sorts of API keys, not the most user friendly of course. This won’t be the case with the Official App.

And good to note, the official App will be developed together with Tuya themselves :wink:


Ah ouki so that means Tuya app shall support cloud connection not the local. In that case one would need to buy Tuya hub and hook it up. Thanks for reply

Good job!

Any ETA?

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They are hoping to finish setting up the API in May, so fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:


That sounds good. Definitely fingers crossed!


So if i understand correct i can add my wifi devices from tuya on a easy way to my homey in the near future ?

That would be great :slight_smile:

This way formulated it almost sounds great,

I guess you still need to consider that you Connect All Tuya Device to the Tuya Cloud servers, and the way your Homey (Pro) connects to Tuya’s cloud is easier to configure and officially supported.

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Yikes, from the wiki you linked, i am glad i don’t have tuya devices😬

In 2021, multiple media outlets reported an investigation by cybersecurity firm Dark Cubed, suggesting that Tuya’s network-connected devices are subject to China’s Data Security Law, and “are woefully insecure and sending data to China.”

HA got this same option last month, i suspect it will be similar as in HA, it will only be a simple connection to the tuya cloud and then all devices which are in your tuya cloud account will be available in Homey.
Login will be your tuya account…


This would really be the best and I think most future proof solution.