Why tuya app only works with pro

I have a setup with bridge (no pro), so it can support zigbee with cloud+bridge. In this case, somehow I cannot use the tuya app: GitHub - JohanBendz/com.tuya.zigbee. How I can work around this issue?

You can’t work around it, that’s the downside of having Homey (cloud) instead of an Homey Pro:
As it is a community app, and community apps aren’t allowed on Homey (in the cloud).

Tuya Zigbee App for Homey | Homey
Tuya Zigbee is only available for Homey Pro.

And you can’t install apps from github on a Homey in the cloud, as your Homey is actually in the cloud (the bridge is just a bridge, there’s no real software running on it)

Is there any zigbee device can work with cloud+bridge setup?

The appstore search is your friend

Thanks. Just curious, if I download the tuya app source code, and modified it to allow cloud, and use the development configuration with local docker setup, will that just work with cloud+bridge setup?

In theorie, but there’s a lot of limitations, you need to keep the local docker running 24/7, and there can always be a hick-up in the connection or docker itself making the app unresponsive until you restart, the docker connection to the cloud Homey isn’t very stable for long runs.
And Athom of course might “patch” it or just break the connection ones in a while, as it would create a lot of extra network traffic that they really don’t want.
Let’s just say, Athom is going to really emphasise you to buy a Homey Pro if you are on the verge of doing such things.

Oh, no worry about that. I am a developer in Third Reality, and we are working on Homey app development. The only reason I want to understand this is to reference tuya app for my app development.

Aah, that makes a lot more sense that you are developing an App.
you probably should have mentioned that as I had it completely in my head you wanted to run the app in a docker constantly.

Then in the end, that app is not made by a (mandatory) verified developer making it a verified app, which has a yearly reoccurring cost.

The Lidl app is the same as the Tuya app but limited to the devices Lidl is selling.

So why is the Lidl app working with the Bridge and not the Tuya app, you might wonder?
This is a policy decision by Athom; I am not allowed at this time to make the Tuya app available on the Bridge.

It would literally take me minutes to make it available to Bridge users, so this is not a technical issue.

If you want to develop an app and make it available to Bridge users, you will have to become a verified developer and have your app reviewed and approved for publishing.

// Johan