[Feature request] Tuya Smart integration with Homey Bridge

I would like to see integration with Tuya Smart for Homey Bridge.


Then you’ll have to give Tuya a call I’m afraid.
Athom likes to see that brands / manufacturers develop Homey apps for their products themselves, and pay an annual fee of $100,- for it to be available for Homey cloud

Ok, but I see there are a few Tuya apps available for Homey Pro.

Why is it not possible for them with Homey Bridge? :slight_smile:

About the name:
Homey bridge is just an extension to Homey (cloud), to be able to use local wireless protocols.

While these apps are created and maintained and supported for free* (beers and coffee donations are welcomed) by independent enthousiasts in their spare time.
I don’t think they’re gonna pay Athom $ 100,- a year just for their app to be published for the Homey cloud/bridge version.
That’s why I wrote:

… and not the many great and skilled community app developers.
So someone has to request an app at Tuya HQ. Are they’re interested, is the question.

Also, the ‘green’ Tuya app uses local WiFi, and therefore it’s impossible to use it with the bridge.
Look at it as Homey lite.

If you want it all, go Homey Pro.