Discussion regarding long threads and the best way to request devices

Yeah, my comment/question is lost as well. Not feeling engaged to fill in Github issue because there are 179 of them, so I hope it will be not lost and maybe once answered by someone or maybe @johan_bendz noticed the comment about driver and not functional device (radar sensor).

Excellent to have you back and participating on the discussion, I appreciate ! I just thought some PR opened from 2022 are not really being alive but ok, got it, didn’t check the recent PRs to be honest :wink:

I still would say some cleanup would be required there as well, THEN it makes sense (both issues and PRs).

Any reason not using Athom for it ? :wink: GitHub - athombv/homey-vectors-public: Developers can request vector icons for an Homey App here … but you are aware of it I assume.

Sure, +++1 on that!

So @johan_bendz @Jamie , what is the message for community, all requests raised here and not implemented yet, even when done in correct way, needs to be resubmitted into 179 issues on Github, correct ? Just to move on and make clear statement. Thank you.