Zigbee rewrite- petition

Made a petition and are hoping for alot of signatures.
Please contribute!!
Zigbee rewrite


Not sure what you are trying to achieve with a petition, they are busy with the rewrite, they aren’t able to write it faster thanks to a petition, that is not how coding works.
Or do you rather have an unfinished rewrite?


And nexr excuse would be, they are a small team… right😉

A petition wont work indeed. But i got his point. You cant say its ok that it take 1-2 years.

Agree with casada that a working rewrite is better that a unfinnised rewrite.

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Likely just a formal confirmation from Athom that they are actively working on this would already settle some minds.


Busy with the rewrite or busy making more stuff like the energy monitioring and new web page? And yes it is always possible to work faster and fix a problem faster. They are ignoring all the customers wishes(zigbee rewrite) When a customer or a boss demands something done, it usually gets done. Especially if enough people are demanding it.


I guess you don’t work on code stuff, as you can’t put 5 people more on the same code to make it 5 times faster, that is with everything BTW, not just coding.
Especially near the ending.

Those other people do need to work though, work on other things like Homey energy that were easier to develop.

Oh and don’t forget that it isn’t just the zigbee rewrite that people want, there is a lot of stuff that people want rather yesterday then today.

No i dont work with coding but i can understand that putting more people into the zigbee rewrite will only make a mess. But if their stuck then they should hire someone who can help them solve the problems. Im guessing that if al the posts with complains were not deleted then 1/10 would mention the zigbee rewrite.

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Looks like you deny Brooks Law

And beside offtopic reply’s, what complaints where deleted?
(Moderators can view the Logs, so pretty sure no other Posts/Topics than maybe a couple of offtopic reply’s are deleted.)

/ot Maybe a benefaction to get money to send more kibbeling to Enschede would have more impact than telling them what they already know using a petition.

The success of a team could be a simple job, but imho not pointing them to hurry up :wink:

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Of course im denying Brooks Law. Once people thought that the world was flat and in the early 1900 scientists said that all the technology that was possible to make had been made and that we had reached the limit. And i would say that Brook was wrong, just give the project to 5 different people and see who solves fastest. Maybe Athom is the slowest one of them?

Maby they’re not deleted. Can be that im just dont find it anymore.

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And you will supply the funds for them or supply them for free? Well, hurry then, what are you waiting for?!

And yes i would easily pay £100 if they could solve the problem and im guessing that im not the onlyone.


Sure. Now to find 5 developers that want to work for 20 pounds each.
And you really think that €10 yearly for Homey+ will be enough for hiring 5 developers? You don’t think there are any costs related to the service itself that have to be paid from that?
Get real.

Im guessing that there are some investor’s that have put money into homey. And im guessing that if they se that alot of homey users want something then they maby want to solve the problem and invest some more money.

Why only se problems an not solutions?
And yes there is community developers that work for free♥️

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I guess you guess too much, it’s better to know facts.
In fact, I happen to know that the Zigbee rewrite will be done image .

Nice to hear that you to know that it will come SOON.
Athom have been saying that for years…
Yes it would be better to know the facts, if only Athom would tell some facts.
And yes i know that its a fact that they are working on it. But people are tired of waiting both for answers and the rewrite.


“Soon” does not imply any particular date, time, decade, century, or millennia in the past, present, and certainly not the future. “Soon” shall make no contract or warranty between the company and the end user. “Soon” will arrive some day, the company does guarantee that “soon” will be here before the end of time. Maybe. Do not make plans based on “soon” as the company will not be liable for any misuse, use, or even casual glancing at “soon.”



Now that’s a fact.

@Gas: Since you don’t seem to have guessed that it was a bit of funny sarcasm, a bit of free advice: be careful not to overheat and think of your heart… It isn’t worth it. There are way much larger problems all around…

Zigbee rewrite is an important topic to enable IAS type devices, at least thats what I would personally hope for.

Soon is good enough but it is as well nice to see that people care enough to repeat messages. It only stresses the need

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The petition is a nice idea of course, in regards to making a statement or at least show frustration. Other than that it won’t do anything. Athom is very much aware that the current Zigbee stack is fundamentally inadequate.

Given they are not lying about them actually be working on it for two years now (I believe? Correct me if I’m wrong), says something about, either the quality of the people working on it on the specific subject, or the chosen hardware in the beginning. (maybe the chosen hardware is fundamentally inadequate, so it won’t get any better than this with the current hardware)

No matter how complex it is, it should have done a long time ago, especially since there are a number examples of stable Zigbee stacks on the internet. All the open source implementations of HA-hubs (Home Assistant, Domoticz, etc.) are just examples.

My personal issue with Athom is broader than just the Zigbee part. I think (my opinion) they should focus more on getting the core better/broader, in stead of supporting all kinds of niche products (for example propriety perfume dispensers or air purifiers or ‘Chuck Norris jokes’ and ‘ask something on Wikipedia’ (seriously guys?)), I would rather see them adopting functionality from apps like ‘< group >’ or Countdown, Sets, Transitions, etc. These kinds of apps shouldn’t exist as their functions should be part of the core of Homey. It was a very long period that the app ‘Better Logic’ was almost a hard requirement to have, because the base logic of Homey was way too limited.
Let the community take care of all those niche products.

Edit: I don’t want to start an uprising or a hard discussion on the subject(s) I mentioned. Just giving my two cents :slight_smile:


The zigbee2mqtt project has support for the same hardware (CC2530). It has some hardware limitations (the “20 device limit” for one) but missing features on Homey like missing support for particular Zigbee sensors/devices or Zigbee grouping are software limitations, not hardware.