Zigbee update getting close?!

Any of the devs want to comment on this?
Keeping my fingers crossed :grimacing:


What do you want to have us comment about?
The statement of @Robin is IMHO quite clear…


I was hoping one of you could/would ‘lift the curtains’ just a little further. Since we all hope it will solve all our zigbee issues. :wink:

“Soon we will contact…” does imply that there hasn’t been any formal communication towards the Zigbee developers yet.
The statement Robin made, wasn’t new to me, but it’s all there is.

Like mentioned in the Aqara / Xiaomi app, the release of the Zigbee core rewrite is a big step, but also a first step. The new core will need to be tested and debugged first and then there will be a massive effort to convert all Zigbee apps / device drivers based on the new core…