Zigbee IAS CLuster

Is there any news about the implementation of the Zigbee IAS cluster?


I guess the Zigbee core re-write will take a while (read months) to complete. For the time being I’m using a Zigbee Sniffer (CC2531) with multiple Aqara Water leakage sensors to complement Homey :smile:

As far as we know, the rewrite hasn’t even been started.
So will take a while is probably an understatement.

If they do a full rewrite it is probably going to take several months indeed, zwave rewrite took 3 months (2? years ago), and wasn’t fully finished when it was delivered.

We ofcourse don’t know what athom is working on behind the scenes, and they probably won’t disclose it either as it is such a big project.
But this is just to dim down any expectations, as that should be kept really low to it even being done around/after summer holidays

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If you don’t mind additional complexity you could use a zigbee sniffer (CC2531) and zigbee2mqtt for the sensors which are not currently supported under Homey.

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