Help with Water sensor from aqara

Hello i heave 2 aqara water sensors but how can i connect these to the Homey

While these are not supported by the Zigbee App you could still use them by using a zigbee sniffer and Node RED. Or If you prefer you could use the MQTT broker app for Homey.

Hello Marlon,
Thank you for youre valued replay


Just saw that v0.6.0 of Teds Xiaomi App is waiting for approval and seems to include the flood sensor.

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Never going to happen…?

I’m afraid so… Athom has promised a Zigbee re-write way in the past. But after more than 1,5 year it still isn’t released. In the meantime they did release lots of other functionality of way less importance. So I guess they stumbled on some serious hardware issue’s that’s not fixable with a firmware. Of course this is just speculation… If Athom is more open about the roadmap we won’t have to speculate though. :roll_eyes:


Fully agree… someone at Athom knows the status, reason, background etc.
By not revealing it, it becomes toxic and creates doubt and ultimately suspicion.

Really like my Aqara window sensors with Homey. So what about the Aqara flood sensor? Some transparency would be appreciated. Any news? Or some work around? Thx

When zigbee rewrite will be done it will be impossible to miss. So untill then…

When is that Zigbee rewrite coming?

Like @Satoer said: it’s been promissed for more than 1,5 years now…
So, there is either a big problem in the rewrite or noone is interested: either way, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Apparently it’s coming very well but a ton of work. Those were the words from athom. When? I personally wouldn’t expect it before summer.

In winter 19 they told me that they are currently working on the rewrite but due to the limited manpower it takes longer than expected. Furthermore they said it shouldn’t take that long anymore. So I’d love to think it will be somewhat later that year.

This one would be so good to have.

Why arent we geeting any feedback from them ?

I can think of 3 reasons,

  1. They don’t want to create expectations, like is happening here now, it’s all expectations (hopefulness)

  2. They most likely underestimate it all, zigbee is a wierd protocol where the older devices didn’t really follow the specs strictly (or even at all), so writing for that is impossible to predict when they would be done.

  3. They just don’t know when they are done, or even how far they are, they probably hoped to be done by now, but they just aren’t

The only feedback they can give (and have given) is that they are working on it.
(this question comes by at least once a week, don’t think they want to waste their time to respond with the same, on the same question)