Aqara Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Hi, just purchades 2 Aqara sensors.
When i add a new device it shows up as a Basic Zigbee Device.
The sensor pairs correctly (3 blinks).
Any ideas?


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If you have Homey firmware less than 5 - did you download Xiaomi Aquara Zigbee app?

If you have experimental Homey firmware 5 - the app above is not released yet. Maybe you can try to find test version in this forum.

I have Homey Version: 5.0.0-RC.23
App Version:
I have installed The Aqara & Xiaomi App.
So, the app isn’t compatible?

Not yet. It’s being worked on.

Ok, thanks for the info :grinning:

is now compatible.
But the information is retrieved once every 30 minutes and now once every hour.
Can data reading be set in time?