Aqara humidity sensor T1

Today I received my order containing an Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor T1. I have added the device in Homey but then it gets recognized as a Unknown Zigbee Device. Ok I can change the name but what I cannot see are the temperature and humidity values. Is this maybe because I have got the T1 version? If so, no way to add otherwise or do I then need an Aqara hub?


The T1 devices aren’t supported by Homey yet.


I have the same problem, do we know when its fix?

Answer i believe is ‘no’ if you read the thread which is shared above

I tried to connect a T1 sensor today. Still no support for the device.

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Do you have any estimates or at least a guess on when the support might come? Just to know if I should return the device or wait. Thank you

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