Compatible zigbee flood sensor

Hello there,

A few weeks ago I had some terrible water issues in my basement. This made me wonder why I didn’t have a flood sensor connected to Homey. Without thinking I just ordered two Aqara sensors, and when I tried to install them, I found out it wasn’t going to happen.
So now I am trying to find a zigbee flood sensor. I can find a lot of Zwave sensors, but the issue is, I don’t have any Zwave devices… only zigbee (because they are more affordable).
Is there a sensor that works? I can only find the Trust/Klikaanklikuit one, but they are also not supported…
Any suggestions?

Thank you!


Yes that is exaclty what I wrote, just in diffrent words.
My question was if anybody knew a zigbee supported flood sensor :smiley:

Read the Xiaomi Zigbee app reference. Water sensor to be supported in the future. So you might wait for it.

Devices Work in Progress (awaiting additional clusters in Homey’s Zigbee implementation)

  • MiJia Honeywell Smoke Detector White
  • MiJia Honeywell Gas Leak Detector
  • MiJia Aqara Water sensor

Thank you, will wait for now


Any news about the Aqara water sensor? Anyonw paired a sensor like that to Homey?

Did you read the last few posts above yours🤔

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As now it’s 14 months ago and obviously nothing changed so far I feel like it’s worth asking the question again:
Any news on this? :grin::man_shrugging:

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