Aqara water leak sensor and Homey

Hello, I bought the Homey and some sensors (Aqara door sensor, Aqara motion sensor and Aqara leak sensor). The first two work great, but leak sensor don’t. When I try to add device using Xiaomi Mi Home, it send me message “No gateways found. Before adding devices, please open the plugin settings and add your Xiaomi gateway. Aqara gateway is not yet supported”. …but I found on the internet this blog: and they write AQARA Water Leak Sensor (SJCGQ11LM) is now supported by Homey. Tested with Homey version 5.0.0-rc.34 and Aqara & Xiaomi ZigBee app v1.1.4.

Please, can someone help me with installing this sensor? Thanks!

Those are different apps, right? The leak sensor should be added through the aqara app, not the mi home app. Unless you actually have a gateway. But you don’t say anything about it.

Well I can’t add it through Aqara app because the leak sensor isn’t in the list.

And your Homey is on v4.2…
The Aqara app supports the Aqara water leak sensor as of Homey v5 (currently the experimental release).

Yup, same here, don’t get it. You are telling us you are using the RC (old one) where it just should work. If you are still on 4.2 it doesn’t work. Or is that a copy/paste from the site? Which makes it unclear.

Now you have installed mi home app which requires the gateway, but don’t own a gateway (?). I have to say, the readme of the mi home app doesn’t really clearly state you need a gateway, but, as far as I know, you do.

Please go to settings -> general and check the homey version, if it’s < 5.0 rc.xx then upgrade to experimental if it makes sense, if you don’t want to run experimental releases (they do come with a downside) then just wait.

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Now I understand. I just need to update the newest firmware v5. Thank you guys and sorry bad english…

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I’m using the LevelPro leak detection sensor device for a long time without any trouble and also the support team is very helpful. So you can check this device from Icon Process Controls website:

Hi, I may have a solution to all those pairing problems.
I bought Aqara Temp and Humidity Sensor and an Aqara Wireless Micro Switch. The temp+humidity sensor paired right away with Homey Pro v5 through Aqara & Xiaomi ZigBee app but then I spent hours trying to figure out how to make the Micro Switch to pair without success. I also could not pair a new Philips Hue Motion Sensor (without Hue bridge and using Philips Hue ZigBee app).
Then I changed ZigBee channel under from 11 to 18 and restarted my Homey. After that, both the Philips Hue Motion Sensor and the Wireless Micro Switch paired at the first attempt! Before choosing channel 18 I checked what channels my wifi was using for B/G/N and then consulted to find a ZigBee channel as far away as possible from the one(s) used by my wifi access points. Since my wifi access points use channel 1 and channel 11 respectively, ZigBee channel 18 seemed to be my best option. Good luck, and please comment here if it works for you or not.

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Off Topic.
I will share.

I will not create a new topic. Maybe someone will need it.

1 x acara double switch
1* x acara water leaks
1 x relay
2 x valve (cold and hot water. blue -open., braun -close ., yellow -neutral)
wires, boxes, etc.

SmartSelect_20210415-114506_MX Player Pro

if there are comments also tell me.