Discussion regarding long threads and the best way to request devices

Gegarding cleanup by the Moderator and Owner of this thread:
[APP][Pro] Tuya Zigbee App

Mod > Moved out of thread. (and Renamed by @Dijker )

Thats right I have cleaned the entire thread, and some information was lost in this process. The logic taken was

  1. Any issues, defects, faults in the distant pass - no longer apply.
  2. Any questions answered in the past - no longer require answers
  3. Any questions asked in the past and not answered - were never getting an answer
  4. I manually went through and deleted each post, more then 98% were one of the following
    a) Incorrectly asking for a device
    b) Posts telling people ot read the first post
    c) Post telling people to use the code formatting for their interviews.

@Jan_Peeters your posts were items b and c.

2 days ago you wrote

This very same sensor has been mentioned at least 30times. In this topic.
This is just you begin lazy.

3 Days ago you wrote

This is just you being lazy.
(flagged inappropriate)

15 days ago you wrote

If you do not read the first post, probably not

You then replied later with

Please use “</>”

Not really what I would consider riveting conversation.

I hope this answers your question, and yes, I will be deleting this messages as well - as they are off-topic.

ps. there were 673 posts moved - so its closer to 3273 posts “not accounted for” once you add the posts still in this thread.

That’s quite sad…

Your last post in this thread - 2 days ago @Sharkys

Repeating ourselves over and over to read the first post, and submit requests via github did not work, and this thread was becoming toxic. A new approach was warranted.

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If you have an issue with the app, create an issue report on Github (but first search the repository to see if others perhaps have created an issue report already). The forum isn’t the right place to discuss issues since it’s almost impossible to keep track of them.

Yeah, my comment/question is lost as well. Not feeling engaged to fill in Github issue because there are 179 of them, so I hope it will be not lost and maybe once answered by someone or maybe @johan_bendz noticed the comment about driver and not functional device (radar sensor).

Excellent to have you back and participating on the discussion, I appreciate ! I just thought some PR opened from 2022 are not really being alive but ok, got it, didn’t check the recent PRs to be honest :wink:

I still would say some cleanup would be required there as well, THEN it makes sense (both issues and PRs).

Any reason not using Athom for it ? :wink: GitHub - athombv/homey-vectors-public: Developers can request vector icons for an Homey App here … but you are aware of it I assume.

Sure, +++1 on that!

So @johan_bendz @Jamie , what is the message for community, all requests raised here and not implemented yet, even when done in correct way, needs to be resubmitted into 179 issues on Github, correct ? Just to move on and make clear statement. Thank you.

All 676 request for devices raised here were moved to their own thread @Sharkys

Yes there are 170 issues on GitHub, which is much easier to manage then 4000 posts in a thread.

Threads can be deleted if duplicate, tagged if it’s a bug, tagged if it is missing information, closed when it’s actually a Bluetooth devices etc. if you don’t develop I am sure that any help you can provide here would also be appreciated.

If you have a issue it really should have been posted there anyway.

We didn’t arbitrarily decide to delete posts, it has been a measure approach in order to allow the community and Johan to get better visibility and answers to their issues and provide a better experience for all.

This (painful) exercise was undertaken to help you @Sharkys and not some form of personal slight against you or any member of the community.

Here ends the off topic discussion, if you (or anyone else) would like to discuss this further please feel free to send me a message in the forums or on slack.


I raised simple question, that hasn’t been answered. It’s not answer for myself, it’s answer for those who raised those requests, so I will not submit this via DM

All of this feels just wrong.

Indeed Robert, that’s why also any other discussion has been removed including questions (not by you). :rofl:

Nevermind, I’m turning off tracking for this thread.

Cheers everybody.

I do not have ‘an issue with the app’. I thought (wrongly so) that a user forum was also the public place to discuss e.g. use cases or a place to learn from other users their experience. Best case, it was a place where like minded people could even help with implementation issues/questions.

Because of improper use of the forum, hence my previous remark -by which I still stand- about users being lazy, some admin decided on drastic measures. As a result this thread is now gone. It feels more rather like the facebook wall of the dev than the public forum it used to be.

Over and out


Who said that this is forbidden now? As i read it, this topic was split by removing requests to add devices (repeatedly) to be handled outside of this topic which makes this topic exactly what you expect it to be.

What I do not understand is that the general rule even for Athom/Homey is that request are made thru community forum… as it is written in the app page
So there will be a one and only rule only for this Tuya zigbee app and requests will be made on GitHub totally outside the official community forum… I find it strange… and for many non geek persons, GitHub is not an easy media. Seems you write only for geeks and developers… imagine a 50+ (I am 68) housewife surfing on GitHub to make her bed lamp work in Homey…
seems a bit unrealistic…
if you look at conversations, even interviewing devices is difficult for many users…

just my opinion.

Christopher Charpentier

Well, then put your effort in it and make it easier. I bet there will be a lot of gratefull housewifes.
Insetad, Imagine you are the developer of this app and you have to dig thru dozens of posts asking the same question over and over and all the requests done in plain text without context instead of via the instructed way. and then after all that trouble you get the complaint that you are not active enough… It’s so easy to critize if it is not you facing this ingratitude.

By the way, it is not Athom as the company nor an employee, it is a member just like u and me that is putting his spare time in this. Not a paid developer…

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Hi @Christopher_Charpent you are obviously welcome to your opinion, but it is just that.

There are no rules regarding how community developers accept device requests or bugs and each developer does it differently. (I ask for emails).

Any conversations or questions regarding the Tuya app are on topic and should be placed in the Tuya zigbee app thread.

I am getting the impression that how device requests are managed across the forums is something you care very deeply about.

So to help I am actually going to undelete the post about this new topic and move them to a new thread for you - so you can continue to discuss with out being off topic and having your posts deleted from this topic.



Okey, and now the name of the topic just changes!?
And my post is the one that kicks off this topic?
And I am not able to delete my own post that is being mis-used here?

This feels wrong in so many ways.
I flagged this post, hoping a responsible admin will interveign.

@Dijker : Thank you.

Dear friends,

just my opinion… I can imagine to go to some web eshop and buy particular version of this app for some 10-15 euros in case I can read txt file with already supported devices. I can buy it every quarter if needed… so the author will get some change to buy a beer ;-). I prefer to send him money directly via visa card…

Whats your opinion?