Looking for a script that summarizes broken Zigbee and Z-Wave devices

Does anyone have a script that summarizes broken Zigbee and Z-Wave devices?

This script shows “unavailable” devices:

But I don’t know if "unavailable"is the same like “broken”.

If you know a good way to determine how a device shows it is “broken” we might be able to create something, as just “not reported in a day” (which already has a few HomeyScripts for that purpose) doesn’t mean it is broken, example, I have Aeotec doorsensors that only sends the battery level if it has changed from previous value, and some doors I don’t open in the winter so don’t send anything for several weeks.
The “I’ve woken up” signal isn’t available for anything besides the Homey Z-Wave core.
Zigbee does have a “last seen” option, but that is also for only Homey Pro (early 2023), it isn’t there for the older versions (I believe).

It is pretty hard to determine if a device is broken yes or no with Homey, especially with the mix of battery and mains powered (and for Z-Wave also FLiRS devices).
Also for Z-Wave the “Unavailable” tag doesn’t always mean it is broken (99.9% of the time it doesn’t).

Hmmmm @Caseda I didn’t knew that.
Too bad, I hoped that every device would send a “heartbeat” every day, that would have made it a lot easier to check.

And I know there is a lot to do about “broken”" devices.
In general at this moment I don’t have a lot of “broken device” issues.
But for example, a doorsensor didn’t report a door open doesn’t by definition mean the door isn’t opened but could also mean the device is broken.

I am not a programmer, and not by far familiar with Homey Script and I copy pasted something and played around with the “last seen” option for Zigbee.
This kind of idea works for me at this moment for Zigbee.
But it is … how shall I call it, amateur “rumbling in the margins”.

And I had hoped that there was a somebody who created a nice clean script voor Zigbee aswell as Z-Wave.

You can try this flow below, script is included.
It’s not 100% accurate, but helps me a lot to report on ‘suspect’ devices.

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Thank You @Peter_Kawa !

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