[APP][Pro] Tuya Zigbee App

After the last update of the app my Moes smart switches stopped working. I did log an issue on github. My first use of Github ever :slight_smile:

Hope you guys can find some time to look into it. At this moment the waf of homey controlled lights outranks the waf of physical switches :smiley:

Hi @Marco_Bannink, thanks for the heads up.
My bad. Fixed in next release. Nice to have you on Github! :slight_smile:

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Amazing work on the app!

About when you think I can expect the RH3040 added? It looks like it has the same parameters as the motion sensor, as so the battery type. I have 4 units I would love to be able to use.


Thanks in advance

Hi @Julius_H the best place to ask about a specific device is the GitHub thread about the device.

In side that you will see if any information is missing or if there is a reason it hasn’t been added. You can also see when the issue has been closed off or a PR created for it.

Asking about a specific device in this thread will not make it happen any faster, and we want to avoid this thread being a request for devices thread.

So perhaps a more generic question such as, “any ideas on when the next release will be and have you devices how many or which devices will be added?”

Based on what I have read this device should be supported. Unfortunately every time I try to find the device using the Tuya Zigbee App, it is unrecognized and shows as a single zigbee plug.


Any advice that you can provide?

Any luck with your developments for the Heiman Smoke Detector?

Hi @Julius_H. It will be supported in next update. I’ll try to have one update a week.

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Are you using the correct version, only the test version have the latest additions.

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Resolved. Thank you

@johan_bendz regarding the he-man smoke detector, this is the branch Im working… just to let you know to avoid duplicated work

@johan_bendz how does the “reset energy meter”-card work?
It isn’t connected to a energy meter and it doenst take argument(s)

Capture 2023-10-09 at 09.41.28

If i’d test this card, would it reset all energy meters?

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Is there any tracking available on what devices have been added, or if there is an outlook how long an addition will take? Looking at the vast amount of requests I can only show my appreciation!

Hi Martin,

Often the app info & how-to’s are in post #1 of an app topic?

That means, you can find the requested devices there, and also the overview of the supported devices if you followed the link(s) :wink:

No, not really. It is all done in spare hours, as a hobby (by a professional).
You can help adding devices though by PR (pull request on github).

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Is there a way to copy an App from a vendor for example, Trust to a new app and change some Zigbee IDs? I see the Heiman smoke detectors are the same hardware, but manufacturer IDs are different, so that is why the Trust app doesn’t work with the Heiman Smoke detectors.

Thanks a lot! Can’t wait.

Keep on the great work, you are helping us all a lot!

hee @johan_bendz,

Ik have a issue with the app, it keep crashing and i have to restart the app multiple times a day.
zigbee devices connected with another app are keep worken, only devices connected to the tuya zigbee app are crashing.

Yellow marked devices are connected with a different app.

I hope you can find the problem and fix the issue.
Thanks a lot

Homey pro (2019) version: 10.0.2
tuya App version: 0.2.18 test

Diagnostic code:


I have a blitzwolf SHP13 smart socket with power metering.
I can add it to homey, but after the pairing it always said it will be added just as general zigbee device. I have tried the testing tuya zigbee app, but still just general device, where I cannot see the power metering.

Based on the comments and github issues the SHP13 is supported. Is there anything what I should do to be recognized?

It’s common for manufacturers of cheap Zigbee products to change internal identifiers for products that are sold under the same brand and model name of existing products. Homey app rely on those identifiers, and it they change Homey will not be able to pass the device to a specific app and will add the device as “generic Zigbee”.

You should treat your device as unsupported, and check the first post of the thread on how to make a request for support.

Szia Robi,

Great! Thanks now I got it.
Even I found the similar product ID in the new request. So I just commented under this new ticket.
Hope will be implemented in the near future.
Thanks agian.

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I am experiencing the same. Allthough the app can run 3 days without issue as well.