Is this app still supported? Tuya Zigbee?

If so :slight_smile: How can i get this smart plug to report power usage to Homey Pro:





I see the code is posted here… But i have no clue how to use that.

Hope somone can help, Thanks :slight_smile:

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Find out in the relevant thread. Which is the correct place of posting your request (please also read the first post on how to do a proper request).

I know… but scrolling… trying to post etc… it’s a mess in here. Went to Tuyva Zigbee… tried to post… no luck.Then went through the guide choosing homey → Apps → and tried to find Tuyva Zigbee there… no luck… Tuyva Cloud… easy… but Zigbee for some reason… hopless… Scrolling etc.

[APP][Pro] Tuya Zigbee App

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Please check [APP][Pro] Tuya Zigbee App - #2022 by johan_bendz

Now, I understand; this was extremely hard… but somehow we’ve managed to find it!

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I have the same problem, it is only found as a Zigbee device under the Pro2023.
The Tuya app does not recognize it, and then it is added to Homey as an unknown Zigbee device

ich habe dasselbe Problem, es wird unter dem Pro2023 nur als Zigbee Gerät gefunden.
Die Tuya App erkennt es nicht, und wird dann als unbekanntes Zigbee Gerät in Homey eingefügt

Just follow Robert’s advice and the link in his post