[APP][Pro] Tuya Zigbee App

Hi @ntongeren, your choice… If the device is new I will create an github issue based on the information someone leave here. If you want to speed things up you use github.

There is currently no release schedule.

Added to next release

There is a bug and I’m hunting it :wink:

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Can’t tell without an interview.
But given what I find on other platforms about it there should be no issues adding it to the app.

Can you please elaborate? What is not working and if so can you please send a diagnostic report from the app (with your name on it).

Added to next release.


This one :arrow_up: added to next release.

The other one will be added to my todo list.

Hi @Jires96.

The Lidl app is meant to be used by the broad majority of the users having Lidl sold devices and will only ever support the devices sold by Lidl.

The Tuya app is a cross Tuya university app, it will support a very broad range of devices branded by a large number of companies. Most surely the Tuya app will also hold any device the Lidl app have, but… there could come a day where Lidl adds some device not built by Tuya.

The Lidl app will surely also be the first available of my apps for the Bridge.

Hi @Danny_Van_Bronkhorst, thanks for the request.
I’m not sure that interview was successful, it looks like you got one to many endpoints and a “6” to many in the inputClusters… can you please make another interview?

NP, added to next release.

Hi @Drahoslav_Bielcik, the 1 gang and the 3 gang switches will be added to the next release. I think however you posted the wrong info regarding the 2 gang device.

Hi @Jires96 and thanks for the requests, excellent done ! :smiley:

I have added all three to my todo list.

Added to next release.

Thanks for the request, I have added it to my todo list.

Hi there, nice device you found :slight_smile:
I have added it to my todo list.

Hi again, I see you posted the data again and now with correct info. :slight_smile:
Added to next release.

Already in the test version.

Hi Johan,

Tried to connect the sensor. It connects as a T/H sensor. However when I go to Homey where it has been installed, it says not found. Thanks anyways for the effort.


thank you :pray:

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Thank you So much