Pairing Moes TZ3000_gbmjnj device in Tuya Zigbee app

I try to pair the TZ3000 device in the Homey Tuya Zigbee app.
According to the app 3 devices should be added. After pairing I get the error message only one unknown device is found. This device is shown as a unknown zigbee device in Homey. Also this device can’t be used.

What do I do wrong and how to solve this.



I can’t find any reference to that particular device. Where does it say that 3 devices should be added?

When a device is added as an unknown Zigbee device, it means there’s no specific support for it.

This message shows the Tuya ZigBee app.

Devices that look similar to yours may not actually be the same. Because the device is being added as a generic Zigbee device, it’s not supported (if you follow the instructions in the first post of this thread, you can request support to be added).

Ok thanks, I will do that.

Any joy? I have the same situation same device, same instruction, and same error!

I had an email from the developer but no time to respond yet.