[Tip] Unknown Zigbee device

When adding a Zigbee Device you will receive the message:

In text for the Search Engine:

Unknown Zigbee device

It seems that you don’t have an app installed for this device, that’s why it has been added as an unknown Zigbee device. You can change the device name and icon in the device’s settings.

(Tested on Homey Pro (Early 2023) / Screenshot early 2024)

Possible solutions:

Install the required App for this Brand/type of device. (if there is one)
ask the support (or Developer) for the brand to add this device to an existing Homey App.
Replace the device with a device that is supported by Homey / Homey-Apps.

Note: Assume that most devices require a Homey App to support it. (Exceptions include: Matter Devices, Infrared from existing Database, and Basic Functions (On/Off, Dim) for Zigbee or Z-Wave devices)

If that doesn’t work, you may still be able to use some basic functions if the device supports them. (For example On/Off, Dim)

If the device does not support this either, you may receive the following message:

(Tried but my App still returns a Dutch Error :wink: )

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In some cases you can get additional funtionality evenn if the device is “unknown”.

  • go to the developer app
  • click on zigbee in the left menu, your zigbee devices will show on the right side
  • find you unknown device an click on the 3 dots menu icon behind it
  • now select “interview”

When the interviewing is finished some devices get more funtionality (dimming and even colors)

In my opinion user should not need to go to Developer tools…
If a Device without App is paired an had ON/OFF and provides Dim or Colors… Perfect.

But do you then get the above “Unknown Zigbee device” message at pairing?
(Guess not, but had no device yet to verify.)

Fully agree it should not be needed. (But it works)
I have some livarno floodlights tthat are not supported by an app yet.
They connect as on/off (and I think dim).
Aftter an interview I can also chnage the colors…

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Additional: Also some 3-way sockets could only switch the individual sockets after the interview trick.
Otherwise it just switched all individual sockets as one device.

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