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What could be the reason that the zigbee device, specifically the homey plugin, recognizes it as unknown?

If you mean why Homey might not recognize a particular Zigbee device, it means that there is no Homey app installed that provides support for the device.

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It depends on what you call an app. I think that a Zigbee App involved is as the error message is “unknown Zigbee device”. All my Hue lamps are installed as unknown Zigbee devices using the app “KlikAanKlikUit (Zigbee)”. This app has just a few types of hue lamps. When I look at the Hue app without the bridge, I see a awful lot of lamps. So I think that maybe the error message means the Product ID is not recognized. The app has not the specific tile for the device. For example the are a lot of Hue RGB dimmable lamps, that are functional equivalent, and use the same controls. However the product ID’s are different. For example the RGB dimmable ledstrip LST002 and RGB dimmable spot LCG002.

So here’s a little secret: with Homey, it doesn’t matter which app you use to add a Zigbee device. You’ll get the same message when using the “wrong” app as when you would adding the device as a generic Zigbee device, if Homey is unable to find the correct app for it.

The way Homey finds the correct app is using the device’s manufacturer name and model ID. If those change, even for a device that looks exactly the same as a device that’s marked as supported on the app page, Homey won’t be able to match it against the app and it will end up being an unknown Zigbee device.

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So homey is not that good because Fibaro in the Beta version recognizes and works.

@ Sebastian_Kubala
Maybe you can explain what does work an what does not work? What do you mean with “Homey Plug-in”? Which app are you using and which device are you installing. As all my “unknown devices” are working fine.

All lights, I think?

Lights and movement sensors.

For me “wrong” app means installing a Zigbee device with a Z-wave app.:grin:
And it is possible that the right app does not yet support the newest devices.
By telling @ Sebastian_Kubala he is using the wrong app, he does’nt get his device working. He should ignore the message, and see if he can control the device and change the icon.

Homey’s generic Zigbee support has no support for (movement) sensors, only for lights. So without a specific app for your sensors they shouldn’t work (if they do, I guess your Homey is magical :unicorn::sweat_smile:)

Do you mean the KlikAanKlikUit (Zigbee) app? That does support sensors.

You stated that all your “unknown Zigbee devices” are working fine. If a device is explicitly handled by an app, it can’t be unknown. So I’m confused now…

Me too! How to add a Zigbee lamp without an app?
I tried to capture the error message. But now, no matter which lamp I chose in the app, it finds the lamp with the correct name in the device tile. A lamp I did not install before. I think the “error message” was shown in the tile with a big Z and “unknown device” as the name of the device.

When adding a device, choose brand “Homey”, then “Zigbee”.

That’s because Homey will pick the correct driver automatically when pairing the device.

I was not aware of that. When I bought my Homey Pro 2023, I immediately addded the apps KaKu and KaKu (Zigbee).
So maybe @ Sebastian_Kubala problem can be solved by using the KaKu (Zigbee) device, or even the Hue without the bridge app (I got the idea it does use Zigbee too)

This feature was already added about 2 years ago:

That will only work if his devices are directly supported by one of those apps. Using those apps for devices for which no specific app is available is useless, as it will add the device as Unknown.

Well, I have no idea which device @ Sebastian_Kubala tries to install. So I cannot advice him.

That’s probably the reason why it is not mentioned in the Homey Pro 2023 documentation :grin:

By the way: i started installing with Homey Pro software version 10.0.0 and today it is 10.0.4.
Somewhere things have changed. So we have to be more precise what configuration we are discussing. Below is just an example of what has changed. If I want to have the options for “Behaviour after power loss” I have to add all the lamps again.