Tuya SmartPlug from Amazon

just bought from Amazon:

Smart Power Plugs: Zigbee Smart Plug mit Mess- und Timerfunktion, Tuya-App-Steuerung, Push-Benachrichtigung, Zigbee-Hub erforderlich,

but this device is not working with TUYA App,
it is recognized as “generic zigbee plug”

any idea?

Could not find a Homey App for this device, it has been added as “Unknown Zigbee Device”.
Manufacturer ID: _TZ3000_gjnozsaz
Product ID: TS011F

I guess you didn’t search that thread.

sorry , missed something :wink:
so, I installed the “experimental” which seams to work
can switch on/off
see power,
but the value is only updated once a minute
and nothing to configure it

thanks, Herbert

Is this device supported now by this app? It is not listed as supported, but you get it running? I have a couple of them and like to use them with the new Homey pro wich hopefully will be coming soon…

post #2 :wink: There’s all info you need

If it is not supported, someone has to create a driver for it.