Tuya Zigbee Curtain Device adds only as "Generic" Zigbee


did anyone add a Tuya Zigbee Curtain Module sucessfully in Homey via the Tuya Zigbee App? I purchased the below Module:

which adds only as Generic Zigbee Device in Homey which makes it impossible to control roller shutter.

My Homey is Homey Early 2019 Version 8.1.1.

Anyone any Ideas?

What other Zigbee Roller Shutter or Curtain Devices which also support traditionally Curtain Switches can be controlled by Homey?

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Read the first post of the official Tuya Zigbee app thread, it will tell you which devices are supported, and how to request additional device support if it’s not (but first search the thread to make sure you’re not posting a duplicate request).

Thanks Robert,
yes I read the Tuya Zigbee offical thread. The device should be supported as per below - copy from the Tuya Zigbee thread:

  • _TZ3000_1dd0d5yi / TS130F (Test version only)

My Manufacturer ID is _TZ3000_1dd0d5yi and Product ID is TS130F.

So are you running the test version of the app?

No, don’t think so but the thread is from 2020 I was under impression the test status is by now part of the official version.

I am running V0.1.45

How can I get the test version ?


By reading the first post of the official thread.

Thx Robert, I found the test version. The curtain module adds now fine to Homey and I can control the roller shutter, however only 2/3 open and close as there seems to be no calibration. The open / close times seem fixed.
This was discussed in the Tuya Zigbee thread last in Jan 2022 but I don’t see any further response or solution to it. So I guess a calibration of open / close times are not implemented yet?

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Hi @Capetrip, that is correct. Calibration is yet to be implemented.

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Thanks a for your reply !

Any rough idea when this would happen ? A few months ?

Hi Johan, any idea if/when this might be tackled?

What can we do manually in the mean time to ensure the curtains do open/close completely? can we change something in settings to get this to work?

@johan_bendz hello. Any news re calibration functionality?