Tuya zigbee curtain motor no action

Hi there,

I have a Homey pro 2023. It works great.

When I try to use my zigbee curtains they don’t respond to the flow or to the manual slider.

I can pair the device, I can see the properties, the device worked for one time only.

I have tried to repair the device, to remove and re-install the motor, but nothing seems to help.

Pairing is no problem and the motor does operate when controlled with his own remote control.

Any tips?

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Hi Rob,

Based on your description of the problem, I’m not sure if it’s a hardware (e.g. Homey Pro 2023), a software (e.g. Homey Tuya Zigbee App) or a general Zigbee mesh problem.
Perhaps you can provide more information. For example, if you use more than one Zigbee device. And if so, how many of them are Zigbee routers? Are all other Zigbee devices working properly? Have you checked if the 2.4 GHz WLAN channel and the Zigbee channel of the Homey interfere with each other? You can check this on this webpage (Link).

What I don’t understand is, how you can control the curtain motor with its own remote control. Is the rc directly connected the curtain motor like it’s possible with some Zigbee lights and remote controls?

If it’s a problem of the Tuya Zigbee app, you can describe your problem in the corresponding topic about the Tuya Zigbee app.

Some Tuya stuff indeed have additional RF control besides zigbee or wifi.

@Rob_van_der_Houven, if the remote works with RF, you can use the Brel app.

By installing the so called “remote controlled” device, it can learn the signals from your remote.

Those learned signals can be sent by Homey.

Didn’t know that some Tuya devices use also RF. I know it’s possible to use Zigbee remote controls to control Zigbee actuator like light bulbs or sockets (see link), but I don’t know if its possible to control curtain motors. That’s why I asked.

This worked for me! Thnx.

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I was just providing you with extra information, Dirk, now you make it sound I did something wrong.

No, Peter, absolutely not. For me you are the Tuya Cloud expert in the Homey forum. So I appreciate your additional information. :+1:t3:

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Ah I see :facepunch:
And that’s too much credit, but thanks!