[APP][Pro] Tuya Zigbee App

Hi all.
I’m not back… I never left :wink:

I’v been busy fixing up the apps to work with the new bridge and for this app especially I have a few major issues I need to work out before I can add the more complex devices. This is why thermostates and likes are still under development.

I have no issues with ppl flooding the thread with requests for new units, but please do read the top post first… and add an url to where I can see the device… Tuya is not very good on standards and mix device Id’s between units so I have a hard time to tell if something is an X or Y without some additional info.

As always I try to prioritize adding new codes to already added units, so if your unit is published on the app page but it does not pair with the app please pair it as a generic unit and send me the modelId and manufacturerName together with what unit it is.

Regarding the long list of devices I am always happy for any help, be it a PR or help fixing issues or parts of the code needed for adding new devices or features. :smiley: