How to integrate Sonoff (eWeLink) with Homey Pro (early 2023)

Is there any idea on how to intigrate all the 100s Sonoff decices I have installed with Homey Pro (early 2023)?
Maybe I should have read the specs for Homey before buying it, cause appearently there are no integration between theese brands. Any tips on a quick fix? It takes to long to exchange all devices. Is there some kind of integration motor available? Except for IFTTT which is useless.

Appreciate any tips.


Do you have any link to those devices?
What protocol do they use? (Zigbee? Wifi?)

No idea what 100s Sonoff is, however there if they might be flashed with Tasmota, there is working Tasmota integration.

There are support for the Zigbee protocol, but not the wifi. And there is my issue. Company link is
According to them it is fully up to Homey to integrate with their open plattform eWelink.

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I thought it said: all the hundreds :upside_down_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

When it’s wifi: I noticed the eWelink mobile app looks very much like the Tuya Smart mobile app.
Big change you can pair them with the Tuya Smart app.
When it succeeds, go to:

I mean 100 of Sonoff devices applied in my home.
I guess one possibility would be to flash them to Tasmota, but it seems like a hazzle to flash all devices and I’m not fully confident that all functions will be applicable.

Well, at least they will not chat via China with you :wink:
And yes, re functionality, it depends.
What about having it integrated via Home Assistant (eg. on NAS, as Docker container etc.) and then to Homey ? How SONOFF Works with Home Assistant - SONOFF Official - depends really what is your use case.

I have a little bit tricky, but very simple solution for that. I use Homey’s Amazon Alexa app (it’s not the integration, it’s an app in Homey’s app gallery: Amazon Alexa App for Homey | Homey), and I already added the sonoff plugs to Alexa. This app can integrate all the Alexa-compatible smart plugs and lights to the Homey. So I can manage all the plugs through Alexa’cloud service from Homey. Easy peasy.

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How did you do that?I have both so off within Alexa app but how can I add it to homey pro?


First, you need to connect your Sonoff smart plugs to Amazon Alexa with the Ewelink skill. (so you have to use the Alexa iOS or Android app) After this just install the Alexa app to your Homey, and select the right server (probably Europe). Now you can see all the smart plugs in Homey, so just tap to add a device, select the Alexa app, and then select a smart plug. This workaround uses Alexa cloud, so you must connect to the internet, If you want to turn on and off a plug. That’s all.

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Hi Zoltán!

I tried to do the same, I added my 3 Alexa devices, I have SmartWise switches and stuff, they are in the Amazon app, but I can not see them in Homey at all.
And before IFTTT did not disconnet Alexa services, I used a frame “goodnight” to switch off every light and/or set it for night setup. At the moment I can not see the solution, in Homey Alexa flows I can do volume up/down and things like this

This doesn’t work for all devices. I’ve word with a workarround with Homey virtual devices, flows and Alexa routines

Like this example:

If you want to connect for example the ewelink zigbee motion sensors (or their white label brothers), I have connected them to the new Amazon Show hubs with Zigbee modules e.g. Show 8 3. Generation).

To connect them with Homey I have created a virtual device (via App Virtual devices) configured as
sensor, type motion sensor.

In Homey I have programmed flows which toggle the motion sensor status

and marked this flows as “Favorite Flows”

Wait some moments till Amazon Alexa has updated the devices and after that you can use this favorite flows in Alexa as “Scene” and use them in Alexa “Routines”

I have programmed two routines for each sensor

  1. Routine when detects a motion it starts the scene “Motion detector on”
  2. Routine when it detects no motion within 1 minute it starts the scene “Motion detector off”

And it works :wink:

You need to install this homey app:

And after that, you can add light bulbs, and smart plugs. (in the homey app: add new device/ Alexa/)

I was able to do it by using SmartThings-Community
First I integrated Ewelink with Samsung Smart things: Ewelink integrations

Then all devices are visible in Homey

Hello Zoltán!

It worked, I was really lame but after I realized what to do, was working perfectly… BUT! Now even the Amazon app is intalled, every alexa and smart switch has the red sign on it and dioes not work. I re-logged in, nothing changed. I deleted and re-installed, I cloud put back the Alexas but if I want to put the smart plugs (what handles the wall switches) it gives me a network error and I can not. Do you have any idea?

PS: after trying for 2 hours, I made this post. After the post, I re-installed the Alexa’s homey skill. Now I can add the devices, but in the Flow they dont work