Sonoff integration

I contact the support of SONOFF / eWeLink product.

I ask to have a integration with Homey Athom.

They tell me that they will plan to implement all are request from the customers.
so please if other are interest to this, ask the same to sonoff support at :

I don’t want to use actual APP on Homey because request to change the sw on the Sonoff component (to complicate) and with IFTTT I see 3,5 second on delay.

Use and reprogram them

thank you for your suggestion.
For now I hope for a solution without having to reprogram the original sonoff devices.

  1. because I have plugs, 1-channel and 4-channel components (so I work long).
  2. because (above all) never done and I am not familiar with connectors, soldering and low level reprogramming.
  3. because in this way they continue to function natively with the eWeLink app and can be easily updated.

without reprogram the sonoff, some one find a way to check the status for all sonoff? via ifttt it is not possible.