ITEAD Sonoff

ITEAD Sonoff

Current app version: 4.0.7 (stable)

Provides support for ITEAD Sonoff devices.

!! deprecation notice !!

I stopped working on this app because I stopped using Homey a long time ago. It only supported very old versions of the Sonoff firmware, and very old versions (at most v6 or possibly v7) of the Tasmota firmware.

There is a dedicated Tasmota app that may work better for you: Tasmota MQTT App for Homey | Homey


Original Firmware information

Devices running older versions of the original Sonoff firmware (for the Basic and S20 devices, before firmware version 1.6.0) are supported “out of the box”. Instead of pairing the device with the eWeLink app on your smartphone, you can pair it with Homey using a relatively simple procedure (explained during the pairing procedure). Feature support for the original firmware is limited: only switching the device on/off is supported.

Devices running newer versions of the original Sonoff firmware cannot be paired with Homey (the manufacturer removed this ability).

Sonoff-Tasmota Firmware information

This app also supports Sonoff devices running the Sonoff-Tasmota firmware. This alternative, open, firmware can be “flashed” into most Sonoff devices. The flashing procedure does require some hardware skills, and falls beyond the scope of this app (however, if you have questions about this, feel free to ask me).

This app uses the MQTT protocol to communicate with Sonoff-Tasmota devices. This requires an MQTT broker. The MQTT Broker app for Homey provides such a broker.

Supported Devices

The following devices have been tested with this app (either by myself, or by other users). The firmware they were tested with is mentioned as well (not all devices were tested with both firmwares, so only the tested firmware is mentioned):

  • Sonoff Basic WiFi Wireless Switch (original firmware and Tasmota)

  • Sonoff S20 Smart Socket (original firmware and Tasmota)

  • Sonoff RF WiFi Wireless Smart Switch With RF Receiver (original firmware)

  • Sonoff Slampher (original firmware)

  • Sonoff RF Bridge (Tasmota)

  • Sonoff TH10/TH16 (Tasmota)

  • Sonoff Dual (Tasmota)

  • Sonoff 4CH (Tasmota)

  • Sonoff POW (Tasmota, R2 as well, but untested)

  • Sonoff T1 1-/2-/3-channel (Tasmota)


The quickest way to contact me is through Slack ( @robertklep ).



With the latest ewelink app (v 3.5.3 for iOS) and the latest sonoff firmware- ( 1.8.1 for sonoff basic) Itead has finally enabled what they termed as “Lan access”. In other words, it enables you to control sonoff devices locally, without all their silly Chinese cloud server business.

It seems it’s more of a fallback feature, as after enabling the app does not switch to it (says “Successfully connecting to 0 device over LAN” (sic) if you have an active internet connection. However, isn’t this a breakthrough of sorts as one can now reverse engineer the http commands because everything is/can be locally controlled now?

Any hope for Homey control with original firmware?


PS Their stuff is so cheap it can’t be beat - I bought like 10 sonoff basics for $50 at aliexpress. So it would be great if they could be integrated into Homey the noob way, without reprogramming the chip.

PPS Did you see this? Sonoff Homekit support and the hub announced, then pulled -

That’s mega interesting. I have a bunch of devices in place which would be a serious pain to solder and reprogram… Working in essentially the same way as Yeelight would be amazing

Thanks for that update, I wasn’t aware! I’ll have to reflash my devices back to the original firmware, but when I get a chance, I’ll take a closer look how this works.

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Oh! I searched all over and couldn’t find a way to downgrade Sonoff firmware. If I could go back to 1.6, which is compatible with your plugin, I’d be one happy Sonoff owner. Could you please point me to the instructions?

The Sonoffs are installed inline with electric towel heaters and are hidden in walls and would be a major pain to take out and reflash, but if it can’t be done OTA so be it.

Thanks again!

I only have the original firmware for the devices that I have, and most of those are 1.7 or higher. Perhaps I have an older one for the Basic device, but that’s probably it.

Since a few weeks i have the following issue.

When Homey loses his network connection, all sonoff devices are broken. Restarting the app solves the problem.

Regular firmware, or Tasmota?


The broker is installed on a separate server. Also have some ITEAD devices on HA, they keep working after connection lost.

Hmm good to know. It sounds like the app doesn’t restore the connection with the broker in that case, something which I haven’t really tested yet (since I’m running the broker on Homey itself).

I’ve added an issue to remind myself to test for this.

Any plans on supporting Sonoff SV? :slight_smile:

You could try and configure it as a Sonoff Basic.

Thanks. Will try :wink:

Hi Robert,

To connect the Sonoff S26 Smart Socket, use the S20 or Basic?
Or is this device not supported (yet)?

I think both Basic and S20 should work.

Can you use multiple ds18b20 on the TH10/16 or only one?

Pretty sure just one.

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I am trying to add the Sonoff Slampher RF to my Homey but i can get it done.
The LED keeps blinking two times per second. It doens’t connect.

It works well with the Sonoff app.

Maybe some tips & tricks??

If you didn’t flash the alternative Sonoff-Tasmota firmware into your device, the chances are that the (original) firmware that you’re using is “too new”, which means that the device cannot be coerced into pairing with Homey.

The only fix for that is installing the aforementioned Sonoff-Tasmota firmware.

Oké thanx.
Where can i find a discription how to do that? :grin: