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Sonoff "native" support

I know that there is the an app for Sonoff already (https://apps.athom.com/app/name.klep.sonoff) but the creator has stated that he will focus on the Tasmota firmware… So I was wondering if someone else perhas is working on a more native support?

Right now the only problem I have is that you must connect and update the sonoff with an IP to homey… did that last week and today I got a new mesh router setup so… I need to do the work again :grimacing:

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There’s a reason why the Tasmota firmware is the only supported firmware: the original firmware has closed the loophole that was used to support it from Homey.

It may still work for devices that are running an older firmware (and support for those devices is still available in the Homey app), but if your device has a newer firmware, the only option to get it working with Homey directly is using the Tasmota firmware.

I see… have you contacted them to see if there is any possibility for a co operation of some sort?

Yes, and lots of others with me as well, but no luck.

that’s real shame!.. so I’m not into soldering or flashing (no interest or time) then what would you recommend me to buy instead?

Perhaps one of the Shelly devices, but it entirely depends on what exactly it is that you’re looking for.