Swimming pool Temperature - WiFi

The hardware I used is mentioned above.

The steps are from the Tasmota wiki.

1) Connect the wires from the USB Serial adapter to the TH10

Placement of pins may vary. Important to swap the RX and TX cables.

2) Check your serial-to-USB adapter so it supplies 3.3V power instead of 5V
There is a black clip that you can lift and place over 1 pin where it says 3v

3) Flash the chip with NodeMCU PyFlasher
I downloaded the latest version from here

4) Configure the wifi settings

5) Install MQTT on Homey and set it up

6) Configure MQTT on the Sonoff device

7) Configure the module that it is an TH device and assign the sensor

8) Add to homey as an new device

This is a short explanation you can find a lot on the Wiki and in this Topic