Measure the pool temperature?

Is there any device that can measure the pool temperature?

FIBARO Temperatuur Sensor Ds18b20WTP - ROBBshop

site is in dutch. But there are several temp sensors that work with like fibaro ect ect

Qubino has external temp sensor, also some thermostats has capability of external sensors, you can use also cheap aqara temp sensor and seal it in some case… Depends on use case you want to achieve.

The shelly 1 with temperature add-on will measure 3 sensors. The sensors are waterproof.

A lot cheaper (€37 including 3 DS18B20 sensors) than the fibaro

The shelly app does not have a lot of functionality.
But with homey it works like a charm…

I use a Fibaro “universal binary sensor” in combination with 3 DS18B20 sensors (on different depths). Works like a charm - but you need to make sure no water can get to the sensor. I ended up mounting the sensors in a PVC pipe and connect the fibaro in a T pipe that sits on top. I then sealed the sensor from the environment using a synthetic resin. The whole construction is hanging form the deck in a corner. I still have it connected in a domoticz setup, but it should work fine with homey as is.

Why is that?
This sensor is specified as being waterproof

Sorry for the confusion; by “the sensor” I (was trying to) referred to the fibaro binary sensor. That thing is not waterproof and certainly cannot handle chlorinated vapors (been there, done that, got the T to prove it :unamused: ).

Anyway, if you want to be exact, the DS18B20 sensor is just a sensor. It usually (but not always) is delivered as a wired unit in a more or less waterproof sealed metal tube. Practice learns the quality of the sealing varies - I had two that suffered from water damage after two years in the pool.

Thanks for your replies!
It’s a bit strange that there is no finished product for this.

There is… Astral BlueConnect Go. Costs just a tad shy of €200. And it probably does not talk to homey.