Temperature sensor with external probe and on battery power

Coming from Smartthings I have a OWON temperature sensor with external probe for my outdoor spa.
The Owon temperature sensor is installed as a generic zigbee device with only power on/off capability.
Anyone that has a cheap solution for my needs?

A ds18b20

Combined with either this one:


or this one:
https://www.home2link.nl/shelly-temperature-add-on-for-shelly-1-1pm.html (wifi)

Fibaro (but not to be called cheap in my opinion)
Home2Link | FIBARO Smart Implant | Home2Link (z-wave plus)

The only one battery powered temperature sensors with external probe I know are from Ecowitt:

A Homey App is of course available (Misol and Ecowitt), but I recommend to check in the related topic, which of them are supported.
In addition, you should find out which of these sensors is really suitable for this application (IP protection class, resistance to chemicals, e.g. chlorine).
And please note the transmission frequency. Depending on the region, only a certain frequency is permitted.


The Fibaro can operate battery powered, but one probably needs replacing batteries every other day.
But I missed the title details by a mile as it seems :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
I hate it when it’s not mentioned in the post itself

Thanks a lot, this can be used outside and works well on batteries for a longer time then a few days?

The other option looks like a build myself option and that isn’t waterproof I think :thinking::joy:

Don’t use any of these sensors myself. That’s the reason why I meantioned that you have to investigate a bit by yourself. But I guess (!) that the WN36 Pool Thermometer would be the best choice for this use case. But please ask the app developer, if this sensor is supported by his app. If not, I guess he will add it. The developer is very helpful.
What I forget to mentioned is, that you also need a very small WiFi gateway like the Ecowitt GW1100.

I have 4 WH51 Soil Moisture sensors from Ecowitt in use on my outdoor terrace for about 1 1/2 year now. And they do a really good job. The batteries also last a long time.

I would prefer if I found something that doesn’t require an extra wifi-hub. I have been using Fibaro door/windows sensor with external temperature probe. However, it seems like the z-wave is not as powerful in Homey as in Smartthings (the connection is broken after pairing to the Homey and moved to the right position).

Why isn’t it a generic temperature sensor (like in Smartthings), then I could use the Owon temperature sensor?

For how long did you wait for it to find the closest zwave router? It can take a while.

Otherwise, in case you didn’t know:
With zwave or zigbee, you have to build a mesh network. When the connection breaks after pairing and putting it in it’s place, most probably the max. range is exceeded, and/or there’s obstacles involved, like reinforced concrete or the like.
So try to put a mains powered zwave device, like lights and plugs, in between. Mains powered zwave devices act like routers which extend the range of the mesh.

Homey obviously is not SmartThings

I tried the following yesterday:

  1. I paired the fibaro door/windows-sensor (with temperature sensor) indoor (around 3 meters from the final location.
  2. Waited 30 minutes
  3. Moved the sensor to the final location outdoor (in the spabath)
  4. The sensor updated the temperature as expected
  5. No updates after that (I cooled down the probe but it did not generate any update)
  6. I did a “test” and “heal” in develeoper tools but the request timed out.

You have to ask Athom that question. But Athom is currently in the process of adding more and more Z-Wave and Zigbee devices without the need for a separate app.

Was the Fibaro door/windows sensor directly connected to the Smartthings hub? Or was the sensor connected via other Z-Wave devices (repeaters)?

To test or heal battery powered Z-Wave devices, you have to wake them up first. Did you do that?

First, the sensor was connected directly tot the Homey. Now there are 2 devices between:

Temperature has not been updated for the last 17 hours.

I tested with a heal directly after waking up the device but there is no difference.

It is not easy to help from a distance. The only option is to install existing or additional repeaters closer to the sensor. However, there is still no guarantee that it will work.

At your own risk, you can also add an external antenna to an Aeotec repeater, which also increases the range:

The question is if it’s worth all the effort, or if it might be worth buying an additional WiFi hub from Ecowitt which isn’t bigger than a 5 V USB power supply.