Temperature sensor with external probe for Homey

Hi, please can anyone help me to find a working temperature sensor with external probe? I need to measure the temperature in a hot water boiler - so it should be able to measure at least 80°C
Thank you

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Measuring range: from -55 ° C to 125 ° C
27,99 €

Homey App:

Great thanks

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It’s also possible to use a Fibaro Smart Implant (Z-Wave) or a Shelly Uni (WiFi) and connect a DS18B20 temperature sensor.

Advantages (imo):
– you can choose the length of the probe yourself
– several DS18B20 sensors can be connected

Disadvantages (imo):
– these are not plug & play solutions like the Blebox temperature sensor
– for the Z-Wave radio protocol you need a good developed Z-Wave mesh

The shelly 1PM (WIFi) with temp addon is also supported by homey.
It uses the same sensor DS18B20, upto sensors per shelly

Hi Undertaker, i installed the blebox temperature sensor.
But I am not able to create a flow that works.

I need that WHEN the temperature is under 55°C
AND the time is between 16 -18 hour
THEN turn on the kettle.

But it doesn’t work. The temperature become under 55 but the flow doesn’t start
Any hint?

Please share you flow.

I would build something like:
WHEN temperature has changed
AND temperature is below 55c (this is a card of the type logic)
AND TIME is between 16:00-18:00
THEN turn on kettle

Also add some papertrail card so you can see what is actually being triggered

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Ok will try it. Thank you


An short explanation why in your use case you have to use the trigger card The temperature has changed and not the trigger card Temperature becomes less than….

The trigger card The temperature has changed in relation with the corresponding condition card …is less than… triggers the flow at EVERY temperature change and checks if the condition cards are fulfilled or not (here temperature < 55 °C AND time between 16 and 18 o’clock). If both conditions are fulfilled, the flow runs completely and the kettle will be turned on.

A flow with the trigger card Temperature becomes less than… will ONLY be triggered when the temperature drops from more than 55 °C below 55 °C within the time window between 16 and 18 o’clock. If this happens outside the time window, e.g. at 15:58, the flow will not be triggered.