vThermo + smart implant + ds18b20

Jeg kjører vThermo med en Aquara temp sensor. Dette går fint. Har satt i gang en Fibaro Smart Implant med ds18b20. Den virker, men vThermo får ikke kontakt med den. Kan noen hjelpe meg her?

I have a vThermo with an Aqura temp sensor. Works fine! Have started a Fibaro Smart Implant with ds18b20. vThermo does not “see” it. Whattodo?

The problem is that the Aqara temp sensor and the Fibaro Smart Implant use different capabilities for temperature.

Aqara temp sensor

Note: Because I don’t have an Aqara temp sensor in use, I took the screenshot from a motion sensor. However, I am pretty sure that the Aqara Temp sensor uses the same capabilitie. You can check this under Developer Tools → Devices. Check this out please and share what capability the Aqara temp sensor is using.

Fibaro Smart Implant

I guess that the vThermo app only supports the default capability measure_temperature. That’s the reason why the SI is not recognized by the app.

2 things come to mind spontaneously:

  1. Create virtual devices, each for one SI temp sensor (don’t know how many DS18B20 do you use), with the standard temperature capability measure_temperature. Then you have to create flows: If the temp changed at the SI, set the temperature to the VD. I hope, that the VDs are recognized by the vThermo app.
  2. Ask the vThermo app developer if it is possible to include the capabilities from the SI in the app.