Swimming pool managed by Homey

Hi all, I am currently looking for a solution to monitor temperature, Ph, and other stuff in a swimming Pool. Anyone has a suggestion ?


Option to connect with Homey over IFTTT.

Any luck so far?

Wondering here too.

Is there any chance for a blue Connect app?

… But what about the Bluetooth range?
Will you have to have your homey placed beside the pool to have communication?

If it’s BLE, for me that’s not an option. Aren’t there any other solutions? I only need to know the Ph / Temp and chloor, maybe fill rate …

Maybe this one:
(Connection: Sigfox low frequency network + Bluetooth + API cloud)

That’s seems to be a cool device, bit high price wise. We only have a bestway 3,66mtr pool… so i’m not investing so much into it … then I’ll just walk outside… thanks though!

Anyone got this working?

Yes for Flipr, using http request flow to get some data from the API.
I manage salt electrolysis and pump running time depending of redox and temperature measures.
Not enough time to start a device integration…
But it works like a charm for me

@Alexis01 If someone could share their login credentials, I can create an app for Flipr. It is on my todo list. I also created the Ondilo app, so it should be a quick one :wink:

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Hi @evdpol no pb I can share my credentials.
I send you mine via PM.