Anyone been able to connect Blue Connect (pool water measurement) to Homey

I’ve been looking for a solution, but found nothing after the supplier ended IFTTT support.

Has anyone manged to get sensordata to Homey?

Yes, you can contact support in the app and ask for a webhook connection . They wil create it for you . Also tell them you are a homey user
They told me I was the only one of all their customers that uses homey :joy:

Let me know how it went .

I also have the API info so if anyone wants to make a app for it it can be done

Well, I would have to read up on the webhook info first. Would you care to send a VERY short guide?

I wonder if there would be any interest in an app. That would probably not be to hard to create. I already have one app done. If you send the API I could give it a shot. To wrap up a driver with four values shuold be simple enough.

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I haven’t had any time to play with the webhooks . So please share for other users if you have any time for it

Here is the link to the working api library

Ok. I played around with this webhook:

Does all info need to be in the tag parameter? Could you share the webhook you used?

Hey fredrik,

There needs to be a setup for you at Blueriiot there side 2 . So you’ll have to message them in the app under support .see the conversation I had last month . I did not answer him with the info because of time shortage so my webhook at their side also isn’t set up yet

Aha. I thought you had it implemented. Ok. I will take it from here.

It took me a month of being a real pain in the ass for Blueriiot and a 20+ tickets before they made a webhook implementation at their side .

When they where done I didn’t have time anymore .
I could not get the api from GitHub working in a homey app . Not enough skills and Blueriiot don’t share they api so they won’t help with the community api either

Ok. I will test one of the client implementations I’ve found so far. If they work I will give an app a go.

A simple javascript wrapper is now available to this purpose.

Amazing! Thanks! I will wrap this up to a Homey App within a few days, hopefully.

Follow the progress at Any interest in an app for Blue Connect (pool water measurement)?

When an app is in the testing phase, I will create a dedicated Community page for it.

Would it be possible to add TypeScript definitions? That make it even more usable!

I haven’t really used typescript. For inputs I guess it’s only strings and you get json back. I was playing with some auto mapping to objects but that was right now too much work.

Ok. I will go the JS path.

A teaser from my live data:

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Please follow the rest of the app development in this topic: [APP] Blueriiot - Blue Connect